Buy GST Software for Furniture stores

  Buy GST Software for Furniture stores

Planning to buy a GST software for your furniture store?

Here is a list of best software built for this business.


Epos Now

It is a retail business management software built for both small and medium business. It is a POS software yet it has integrated modules like Inventory management, customer management, general ledger, purchase orders and payroll processing. It is used by business like home decor, furnitures, grocery, sporting goods shops, etc.

Epos is a cloud based software that is supported in Windows, Mac, Android and iPad.


Lightspeed retail

It is a POS software that is easily accessible from anywhere. It allows you to manage inventory and your customers. It allows the owners to see the inventory with the help of large images hence the owner gets a clear view of their inventory.


Revel systems

It is a full featured that is cloud based and is mainly made for iPad. It is widely used by florists, pawn shops, bookstores, bars, furniture stores. Revel is a customizable software and it comes with a wide range of features like inventory management, customer management and social media integration. It has a strong level of security where owners can control what the users or the employees can see.


Retail star

This is a POS software that has been a retail specialty for more than 30 years. It is one of the most known and best known software in the retail industry. Retail star is mainly used by small and medium sized business. It provides a complete suitable package of applications.


NCR Counterpoint Software

It is a software that includes e-mail marketing tool, integrated e-commerce, mobile alerting, built in gift card and customer loyalty. The mobile alert gives the retailers the ability to set alerts on the necessary and important store activities. It also has intersystem messaging and employee tracking.



It is an end to end software point of sale  that is cloud based retail management software. CORESense allows the business owner to have access to customer, inventory and information of the product.

The data is processed and viewed in real time within all the sales medium like eCommerce, call centers, etc.



It is a complete solution for retail management software and is suitable for every retail business. It is a cloud based software but runs locally in case the connection is lost. It supports all the necessary hardware peripherals like printer, scanner, payment, terminals and scales. COMCASH has a powerful inventory management that shows the measurement of the level in various units for each product.

  Buy GST Software for Furniture stores

Reach accountant

Reach is an online software. It is a complete package of important and necessary modules that. It is mobile friendly and takes care of your business in every possible way. It has a real time reporting and is easy customizable.

Some of its features are:

  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Multi branch
  • Auditor view
  • Operations and process
  • Bank synchronization and process
  • Addons
  • Tally import
  • Mobile application
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Access

For more information about the all the above software kindly contact the vendors concerned.

For 15 days free trial of Reach ERP software click on >> Demo


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