Why an online ERP with GST is a must for a retail business

Why an online ERP with GST is a must for a retail business

Why an online ERP with GST is a must for a retail business

Online ERP is a software that helps in managing your business by carrying out all the functions in your business. It manage all the departments in your business as it takes care of the budget, tracks your expenses and updates you with all the details in real time.

The reasons why an online ERP is a must for a retail business are:

  1. Accounting is time consuming

Accounting is the main function that needs to be carried out in any kind of business. You can improve your business by keeping an account of every detail in a simpler way with more accuracy. It takes a lot to record everything in a business and it can result in errors as well. Online ERP software takes care of all the accounting and records all the details giving you a proper systematized account. You also have a backup of your accounts as it is online based therefore you have no risk of any account or data loss.

  1. Customer satisfaction

It is always a benefit when you have a goodwill with your clients and customers. Customer handling is one of the most important function in the business as every business have come up with the customer care service. It helps the customers trust your company more and gives a good image. A business with an excellent customer service will automatically have more loyal number of customers. Therefore you can have a better business and more buyers. Online ERP helps in customer handling in an easy manner and keeps your customers and clients satisfied. So to give  a better image and customer satisfaction you can completely rely on online ERP software.

  1. Real time updates

To run your business successfully you always need to watch over it or have someone watch over it. Online ERP acts as your secretary that updates you about all the details in real time. You can be anywhere away from your business and still have your details updated to you exactly in the time there is a movement in accounts in every department in your company. All the updates reach you in real time and hence you have no fraud or tricks happening behind your back. You can also take an immediate action if required at that time as you remain aware of what is happening.

  1. Visibility of operations

Once you have dispatched your products you can easily view the operations on the particular order or product that is on the way to be delivered. Also your customers get the visibility on their products so it keeps both the sides informed.

  1. Managing costs and expenses

Online ERP helps you manage your expenses and takes care of your budget for you. Track your expenses on every project or product so you know your budget and can make it cost effective. You can save your expenses from leaking as you can track every tiny detail therefore you can manage every expense in your business.

  1. Extends business

Using Online ERP you can extend your business online. Integrating all the business system in it online ERP increases the internet business or online business of the company. It makes the selling of the product and running of the business easier from any part of the world.

  1. Accurate records

The online ERP manages every record accurately and that helps you remain aware of all the details in the business. An accurate account helps a business prosper therefore maintaining an accurate record is highly necessary.

  1. Customization

To manage any type of business a software must be user friendly and hence to make harmony it must be able to customize with the type of business you are dealing with. Online ERP customizes with the type of business you are dealing with therefore you can utilize it to the maximum as it makes a way for you to use it according to your business type.

  1. Inventory management

Online ERP manages your inventory in all the ways: it keeps your items organized, manages the flow of production and tracking the goods level in the inventory. Thus you stay informed about your stock availability in your inventory and you can be prepared before hand.

Reach ERP is a cloud based software that stores all your accounts in the cloud with a backup. It manages all your departments and gives your accounts the bank level of security. Reach is one of the best ERP software for retail business with its features like :

a.) Project management

b.) Invoices

c.) Expense management

d.) Accounting

e.) Inventory management

f.) Bulk messaging

g.) Lead management

h.) Mobile app.

Reach Accountant has different types of products they are; ERP, accounting, CRM and POS

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