How to create Invoices?

Its a important part because you going to know how to create invoices and making your business grow!

Navigate to ‘Add New Customer’ located at Income tag

To create a invoice you are suppose to create a customer and Item into the system.

Step 1

Fill the basic information, Tax information, Invoice Address and Accounts Information and Click ‘Add New Customer’

Step 2

Navigate to ‘New Item’

Step 3

Fill ‘Name  of the item’ (To clarify,  You have different products or service pattern in your business so you should add all unique products and service patterns has different items)

Describe your item and fix the cost.

Step 4

Navigate to ‘Create Invoice’

  • Raise a bill to – your Customer
  • Towards – Category
  • Which is due on – Date
  • Template – You can choose according to your Product or Service
  • Item – Your product (While choosing item Automatically description, unit cost ll appear and you can edit the cost too
  • Quantity (Qty) – Choose number of qty according to your customer’s order
  • Add notes to the customer – If you click Yes, then you can give notes to the customer
  • Add Taxes – If you click Yes, then you can add service or Vat according to your business
  • Service tax percentage – Click ‘create new item’ and give title, Tax percentage and government tax ID (your service tax number) and click ‘Add Item’

  • Vat Tax Percentage – Click ‘create new item’ and give title, Tax percentage and government tax ID (your service tax number) and click ‘Add Item’

  • Add Terms and condition – Click ‘Yes’ and add your company terms and conditions
  • Has he paid already – If Click ‘Yes’ then Give the Paid date, Paid Amount, Payment Mode (Example view picture below) and payment notes

To create payment mode click  ‘Create New Bank Account’

Give Name of your Bank and Opening balance {To give clarity – Take the balance from our bank account from the date of invoicing in this tool(Reach Accountant)} and click ‘ Add bank Account’

  • Will you bill him for the same amount again – Its nothing else Recurring frequency, This feature helps to create invoice automatically in given frequency and given end date or forever. If Yes, then choose frequency type and end date for the particular invoice.

Once all done click ‘Add Invoice’

To get more clarity to create invoice, watch this video

Step 5

Navigate to ‘Receive Payment’

Who has paid you – Very simple just search your paid client and click “Search”

Click ‘Enter Payment’ to the invoice which u searched.

  • Choose date
  • Amount
  • Payment Mode
  • Give notes (Optional)

And click ‘Add Receipt’

You can see the Invoice details below the new receipt.

You are done!

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