Six Tips for Successful ERP Implementation….

In this technological world, most businesses use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in some form, but not everyone knows how to succeed in ERP Implementation. Large companies have invested billions of dollars and a lot of time in ERP software trying to simplify the business processes and technologies.

ERP systems are typically the largest, most complex, and most demanding information systems implemented by companies to be in position among the competitors. By implementing an ERP any organization will be able to achieve success by the smooth flow between every department, to improve productivity and to enhance quick response to customers in the changing market demands.

But it is a big headache to choose and implement the best ERP solution for the organization. In this article we”™ll guide you with six tips for a successful ERP implementation:

Sample ERP Implementation plan for a Retail Store with online ordering

1.    Ready to adopt a change:

 Every company has unique goals, and an implementation requires careful planning and analysis. For most organizations, change in the business model seems to be hectic.  Most employees will not agree for easy software instead they feel better to be in the old one even if it is tough. So before the ERP implementation first

  • Identify the group which will be affected by the change.
  • Communicate the group what change will be coming.
  • Establish the compelling business reasons that make ERP necessary.
  • Explain how they must behave in order for the project to succeed.
  • Give frequent project update.

2.    Carefully evaluate your options before selecting your ERP system:

 In this competitive world, the new generation of employees entering the workplace will expect easy and simple software to do the process. So before selecting an ERP system, organizations should analyze exactly what they are in present, what are their needs for the upcoming performance and mainly what they want to be in the future.

3.     Ensure the ERP providers are true experts:

To give sufficient knowledge for the ERP user, ERP provider should be well knowledgeable and equipped. Before implementing ERP software, the company needs to make sure that the ERP provider is efficient in the corresponding area, has a variety of training options and accompanying training tools/resources not only before the implementation, but also on an ongoing basis, as the business processes and technology change. An efficient ERP provider should not only expertise in methodology but also they need to be communication masters who provide full transparency and guidance throughout the implementation.

4.    Ready to Invest Time & Money:

To own the best ERP software for your organization you need to be ready to invest your time and money. There are some affordable and EMI options ERP software in the market and you can pick one which suits and addresses the needs of your organization. Without spending efficient time in learning the process of ERP implementation, the users won”™t know the various modules in ERP which they are going to use.

5.    Identify the Employee team to Train:

Remember the ERP system which you”™re going to implement, needs people to make it work. If the staff doesn”™t know how to use the software, it won”™t work as it was intended. Hence focus on the right people to whom you”™re going to train that helps to move things smoothly and also minimize your time. Make sure the users are brought up to speed on the ERP functionalities.

6.    Choose the right ERP option:

 It is no harm in spending more time, energy and money to choose right ERP software. But think once or twice on all the areas of your business processes. Right ERP software must have been designed with the end-user in mind to deliver the accurate type of Information, in the correct manner and at the real time. Make sure that the ERP software which you”™re going to use takes you a long way and help you to achieve more.


 With this enough information and knowledge, I am sure that you would have got an idea in where you have to concentrate while selecting best ERP software for your organization. Among various ERP software in market, Reach ERP is one of the right & exact ERP option, for more details and to experience by yourself have a free trial here. For further more queries you can call us at 044-49272736.

I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.

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