Which is the best online GST software for multi branch franchisee management in India?

Which is the best online GST software for multi branch franchisee management in India?

The best kind of online GST software for multi branch franchisee management in India is Reach ERP software. As it comes with several benefits that other business management software lacks in and is a powerful software will many features that can also generates other useful features.

What your business requires for perfect management is an ERP software. An ERP software is a one stop solution for any kind of business so that you do not have to invest on various software for every function in your business and have a hard time trying to integrate them.

The best kind of ERP software is a cloud based software as you need not worry about any system crash, virus attacks, accessibility, etc. It is always a smarter choice than the traditional method as it comes with benefits that traditional software lacks in.

When you require a cloud ERP?

  • When you want more than just an accounting software
  • When you have franchisees, office, godown, factory, branch at different places
  • When you want to centrally protect and control your data from hard disk crashes/ virus attacks and unauthorized employees access


What are the challenges faced by franchisors?

  • System and process
  • Managing multi locations
  • Getting real time data
  • Daily reports
  • Costs incurred on server and software
  • Too many operational issues


What is Reach software for franchise business?

Reach is a software that is absolutely suitable for franchising a business with multiple locations. It syncs all the orders, billing, stock and cash data without investing in servers.

How is Reach different?

For a wholesaler/retailer which operates multiple franchisees, godowns, office, sales points and showrooms. Track your daily sales, stock, cash and purchase realtime using Tally. It solves your business problems with a free cloud server. At the 20% of current cost it provides free servers, no IP needed, protects data and has an uptime of over 99.9%
Reach”™s benefits

  • Consolidate all franchise data in one place
  • Gives you real time data of daily collections
  • Reduces number of visits to franchise by franchise manager
  • Helps to know which franchisee needs more support
  • Gives you complete control of your franchise needs more support
  • When systems and process is in place you can focus on increasing franchise revenue and also multiply your franchise network
  • Reduces cost incurred in servers and other disjointed software




Reach ERP includes


  • Leads
  • Income
  • Expense
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Admins settings

Free plugins

  • Import from excel/tally/Myob/ SQL/ auto count
  • Mobile app for owners

Optional add-ons

  • Mobile app for all users
  • Auto import from gmail/ mail server to reach
  • Auto import leads from webforms
  • Bulk email and SMS plugin (third party)
  • Email list builder for bulk emailing (third party)
  • Contact based barcoding
  • File number based barcoding
  • Job based barcoding
  • Product SKU based barcoding
  • Shipping control barcodes
  • AMC/ warranty control barcodes
  • Asset control barcodes
  • Freeze and block back date entries
  • Auto-currency converter plugin
  • Recurring invoice plugin
  • RFQ (Bulk request for quote) plugin
  • Re-order level plugin
  • Multi godown management with option to choose auto/ manual stock plugin
  • Booking stock plugin
  • Sub contracting plugin

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