How to convert your regular retail store to an online store and scale your business?

If you are someone who is looking to expand your business to a different location without opening a physical store in the desired location, then we have a solution through which you can make it possible. Opening an online store will actually help you to test the market before launching a physical store. Not just that it also makes your brand familiar even before it is launched in that location. Sounds interesting? Isn”™t it? Lets now see how to start an online business

Who can start an online store?

Let us now look who can actually start an online store. Who or which kind of businesses can begin the online store. In general any product or service company can create an online store. But we should first understand which kind of business will actually benefit through an online store. Online shopping is an easy way for people to select the product or service from the comfort of their home or any other place and gets it delivered at their place. Retail stores like textile, books, gifts, flowers, mobile phones, laptops, home appliances etc in the products category. But if you take service category like home delivery of Restaurants or repair services for Washing machine, AC etc people generally prefer to make a call to avail the services.
Now it is clear that people who have a product retail store are the ones who will be apt for an online store. If you fall under the product category mentioned above with the idea of expanding your business with minimum risk, then you can go for an online store.

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How to start an online business?

The above explanation clearly states who can start an online store. But how to start an online store is the challenge which you will face now. There are so many third party vendors who can convert your physical store to an online store in few minutes. Kart rocket is one service provider who can convert your store instantly. Reach ERP software is compatible with Kart rocket and gives you the option to make your products available in leading e-commerce websites like eBay, amazon etc. The charges for the same is very minimal compared to the reach you will get. Not just that it also creates trust in the minds of customers when they see your product in these sites. All you to do is sign up with Reach ERP software and start using it. Since the online store option is inbuilt in the software you can straight away make your products available at e-commerce sites.
What the software does is it helps you to upload all your products description, pricing, delivery location, product image etc at one go. The best part is the moment something is sold in your physical outlet the stock available in the online store will reduce automatically. Say for example, if you have 30 blue t-shirts of size 40 available in your physical store and you have sold one in your outlet. Then in your online store it will display only 29 blue t-shirts as stock available across all the partnered e-commerce sites.

Buy an Accounting Software for an e-commerce store

I hope this sounds exciting to you. Then what are you waiting for. Start exploring the possibility of an online store and launch it immediately.

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