Integration with KartRocket!

Whether you are just starting a Textile, Mobile, Laptop, Jewel, Furniture, Footwear business or want to make some extra money by selling online, the time is now!! We have just finished an integration with KartRocket. ( It means that if you are using Reach Accountant for your store, you can now automatically sell your products at KartRocket and make some additional money)

How this works?

  1. Every time you enter products in Reach Accountant, you can choose to display them in KartRocket
  2. The chosen products will be displayed in KartRocket
  3. Buyers who see your products on KartRocket would place an order via KartRocket
  4. You will immediately be able to see such orders in Reach Accountant
  5. On receipt of order and subsequent payment (which will be updated in RA as well) , you should ship these orders by couriers
  6. More money in your Bank!

Who can benefit:

  • If you are already running a store and now want to sell online
  • If you are selling only online and now want to start a physical store

How to get started:

Please call us at 044-49272723 and we will help you get started!

For Demo click Reach online accounting software

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