New Feature – Quotations and Estimates

Using Reach Accountant, You can now create elegant Quotes and Estimates which you can send to your customers.

What is an Estimate/ Quotation?

A Quotation is an offer to do a job at a certain price. In the course of your business, once you determine the price to be charged of a particular contract or shipment, make sure you send a Quotation to the buyer, so that if there is a dispute on price which arises while you raise an Invoice, You will have a record of the agreement.  A quote should include what is to be done, how long it will take and the cost of materials. It should also say how long the quote is good for. Make sure you check whether the quote includes taxes.

How you can raise an Estimate using Reach Accountant?

When its time to raise an Invoice on the customer, You can convert the Quote into an Invoice to save you the pain of raising an Invoice all over again.

The feature is currently on Beta. Comments and Suggestions are welcome.

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