“Best Online ERP Software – How it helps you grow your business!

Best Online ERP Software ”“ A key to success for SMEs is a cloud based software that manages all the accounts and improves business in various ways.

Generally, Business is an organization or firm which involves many processes like accounts, finance, stock, production, customer service, tax, sales, inventory and even more. Maintaining & managing all above mentioned tasks is not an easy thing. Hence to integrate all these processes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software came into the picture.

But selecting suitable ERP software for your business is very important. In selecting the software you have to be very careful. It should satisfy your need, it should be user friendly and the most important thing is it should fulfil all the requirements of your business.

Confused on selecting suitable ERP software for your business? Don’t Worry. It is not so difficult to identify the software that satisfies your needs.

Because here it comes. Our REACH ERP software is the best software solution for your business.

Reach one of the leading online ERP software in India with multiple modules such as accounting software, Point Of Sale software, CRM software is a business management tool that provides unique and complete solutions for all types of Small & Medium sized enterprise in India.

Being a cloud based online software; Reach ERP software delivers complete business solutions for different areas of business such as Sales & Service business, Service business, Trade & Distribution business, Retail business, Textile business, Jewellery business, Assembly Manufacturers, Process Manufacturers, Job works Manufacturers, Supermarkets

Surprised??? Read below to discover more:

Reach ”“ India”™s best ERP software favors every business owners, sales & marketing executive, sales head, accounts manager, product manager, tele-calling team, customer relationship manager by giving them quantify and qualify business solutions at the right time.

Reach ERP software ”“ one of the leading online ERP software in India prevails to be the most dependable one due to many features and advanced tools that completely fits for your business of any type. Reach ERP software is bundled with enormous advantages which simplifies your business processes.

Our current features for your success are:

Email Management, Lead Management, Multi – branch Management, Accounts Management, Repair Management, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Purchase & Expense Management, Damage & Scrap Management, Lots & Barcode Management, Discount Management, CRM & Sales team Management, Service Engineer Management, Budget Management, Claims Management, Asset Management, etc.

Amazing right!!!

Let”™s see a brief note on some features:

 The leading online ERP software-Reach encompasses your entire organization by managing all the above mentioned tasks professionally and effectively by placing them in order.  With Reach ERP software you will be able to track all your Leads, Sales, Inventory, data, and beyond.

Email Management: Reach ERP software keeps you updated and active by continuing the conversation with your customers through Emails as when needed. Reach ERP software helps to be comfortable by synchronizing your official mail into the software where you can perform the necessary action as when required. Hence with this advantage you never miss a lead/sale.

Lead Management: In any type of business lead management is a vital thing to increase the profit. Reach ERP software helps you not only in getting leads but also in tracking, maintaining, managing, and converting the lead to sales.

CRM & Sales team Management: Reach ERP software understands your priorities and helps you out to preserve your customer relationship. The every action you proceed in your business ultimately relies on customer satisfaction. Gaining customers is the major role for any business to succeed.

Accounts Management: Reach ERP software easily manages your accounts, Inventory, finance, Income & expenses exactly and literally keeps every records of accounts without an accountant. With Reach ERP software you can also check your profit & loss summary, what are the purchases made, no of invoices made, no of purchase orders done, where to invest/spend more, where to minimize the spending and etc.

Reach ERP software with all the necessary features fundamentally changes the work of every employee in the organization.

Significant Features of Reach ERP:

  • Reach ERP software is designed with a colorful dashboard that provides the complete summary of your business.
  • In Reach ERP software there is a facility of sending Bulk SMS & Bulk Emails to customers at the right time.
  • Reach ERP software synchronizes your official mail from where you can capture your leads directly from the Mail and Website.
  • In Reach ERP software importing the customer database inside the software is simple.
  • Reach ERP software is also now available through Mobile apps where you can view your reports anywhere.
  • With Reach ERP software you can view all your Finance reports, Tax reports, Stock reports, Sales reports, Audit tool reports in one screen.


While reading this article you may be searching for right ERP software to your organization. So why are you still waiting? Visit us here today to know more about what is Reach ERP software.

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