The Best Billing software solution with GST for Retail and wholesale

”œReach” ”“ a cloud based billing software is one of the leading online software that provides easy business solutions for billing.

As we all know ”œMoney” is the mantra of any developing business. Where there is a sale, there is a bill.  From a small provisional store to large organizations like schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing companies, etc. use billing process.

For the last decade there was only paper billing but today due the technological advancements and the increase of business billing software came into presence.

Why billing needs software?

The sooner you bill; the sooner you can deal with your customers. Let”™s consider departmental store, when the lines ends in billing, different customers are billed at different rates, there will be a confusion on billing when you manage huge customers, this takes maximum time. All these difficulties can be overcome by implementing cloud based billing software.

To facilitate the demand and the necessity of all business owners there”™s a variety of solutions on the market today. You just have to select one which suits your business process. The best option presented here will make your billing process easy and simple.

But how? Continue to read:

For every business billing is the important point where the profit of any business relies. With Reach ”“ a cloud based billing software, employees can add, delete, and print their entries effortlessly. One simply have to add the information into the software, the rest part like calculations are done by our software.

The entered information about your billing is easy to see, and updates are available in real time as users enter their data. As a result it”™s easy to prepare, perform the necessary action and export the data for billing. Reach billing software perfectly fits for any Point Of Sale business, where you can also have Lots & Barcode management.

Reach cloud based billing software streamlines your billing process as efficient and effective as possible through mobile app at your fingertip from anywhere and anytime. It handles all the data merging, add to accounts and fetches the required results for the company.

Reach cloud based billing software gives you a comprehensive set of actions/functions such as converting the bill to invoice, update or delete the bill, add the bill to the payment and much more. The billing software is highly flexible, easy-to-manage, real time reports, minimizes your time and makes it easy to expand upon them by adding things as when needed that suit your requirements.

Without cloud based billing software you would have to collect hundreds of documents from multiple places which lead to confusion for the accounting person. Hence more time need to be invested which finally results in poor performance of the business.

Once you start to use Reach billing software your organization won”™t be the same. Reach billing software has designed with over 20 different templates which can be applicable for any type of business such as Service business, Trade & Distribution business, Retail business, jewellery business and supermarkets.

Reach cloud based billing software enables you to manage all the above type of businesses with ease. Reach billing software is available in both Touch and Keyboard Point of Sales that even works when the internet connection is non-available.

The billing process in Reach cloud based billing software can be easily understandable to all and even to the newly joined employee.

Below is the process of creating a bill in Reach billing software:

To create a bill you simply have to

  • Select the bill type from the options whether it is cash, credit or card.
  • You can select the vendor from the options given if he/she is a regular customer. If not in option you can also add the vendor for the future use.
  • You can also type the notes for the bill if it”™s necessary.
  • You can also mention or select the due date for the purchased product.
  • Currency exchange options are also available in Reach billing software.
  • To do a bill you have to just select the product, give description if needed; mention the quantity, units, price of the product, and mention discount, tax values.
  • And your bill is ready.


With Reach billing software you can bill for anything and support any type of business price plan. With the best billing software solution-Reach, your client billing process will become streamlined and remarkably easy. With necessary training, and friendly customer support Reach billing software simplifies your business.

Do you need to apply special billing software of your business? Visit us here for more details.

I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.

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