How does Reach software help CCTV dealers to manage their Sales with ease?

CCTV camera systems are the most basic need in electronic security. Used correctly for only security purpose gains you more productivity and profitivity for your business/ organization. People are serious about the protection of their assets like building premises, factory, warehouses, home, offices, jewelry products, car, cash money, departmental store, safe, lockers, personal computers [PC], storage devices like pen drive, hard disk drive, network security like server rooms etc. CCTV business software helps you manage billing, Inventory, Purchase and Accounting for your CCTV Business.

Due to this heavy demand the CCTV camera sales & service business is one of the leading businesses. In order to gain more profit and to meet every customer demands you ultimately need to increase your sales. To do sales you need to market & generate more leads/customers by various modes of communication such as Calling, Emailing, messaging, sending Email campaigns, sending sales representatives to the field.

Current Scenario

Let”™s assume that you are running CCTV camera sales & service business. As a startup company you have two or three sales person to go the field with their own references. They explain about the product, inform the accountant to send proforma invoices/invoices to the customer, need to track, follow the customer until the lead closes to sale. As a sales & service business you part doesn”™t ends with sales. Once the sale is closed and if the customer comes to you for a repair you need to be updated with the respective customer details. Maintaining the customer details in paper will not help you for a long time. To improve customer satisfaction and developing customer relationships are vital for boosting sales and also service. With clear insight into your clients and their needs, businesses can ensure that they offer the most appropriate service and support.

As a startup company doing all these above process seems to be easy. But as you grow and expand your company with more employees, multi branches, etc. tracking, following, managing, maintaining, your sales process is very much difficult. But we do have a solution for that, implementing the best sales & service software for your business- Reach software maintain, managing, tracking, following makes much easier.

See How CCTV Business Software works:

Changed Scenario

Let”™s assume that you manage or run a CCTV camera sales and service business. As said earlier sales is the ultimate part to build the organization/business and to gain profit. Without profit your business cannot survive. To maximize you sale it”™s better to have a tele calling or marketing team where the employees collect the database and call, mail to the customers about the product and ask for their appointment for a demo of the product. Without software these data will be written or stored in a paper. As days goes on searching for the paper and following the interested customers is very difficult hence time will be wasted in searching. But with the best CCTV Business software you can load, enter any number of customer data which can be viewed or updated anytime as when needed. This reduces you much valuable time and increases your profitivity. You can also send any number of proforma invoice/ invoice in one click by using the mobile App.

The science and technology are able to bring new ideas, new products, new processes, new services at much cheaper cost, of superior quality and in larger quantity. One of the modern developments is the invention or establishment of CCTV Camera.

CCTV stands for closed circuit Television. The CCTV camera will be fixed in one or more places and can be monitored by a person in one single system. Main use of CCTV is in powerful continuous surveillance system. CCTV camera watch system has faster growing demand in all major cities across INDIA. CCTV is widely used as a powerful surveillance tool in public places like commercial banks, casinos, airports, military base, supermarket, hypermarket, braded store, shopping mega mall, jewelry store, corporate houses, factory, plant, warehouses to name a few. Now Central Government of INDIA has come with a strict provision of CCTV Surveillance installation in leading schools of cities and colleges. Using CCTV camera access in government offices and in corporate offices reduces the maximum chances of crimes like theft and forgery.

Hence there is a huge demand for the CCTV camera sales. Maintaining or having a CCTV camera fixed anywhere in your company/ organization/store and connected to a system which can be overviewed by an employee to avoid theft and any issues. In addition to providing a safer environment for employees and business owners, CCTV security system can greatly improve business efficiencies and profitability.

me if the customer comes back with any issue of the CCTV camera product you need to recollect all their details in less time without making them to wait. With the Reach CCTV Business software you can not only filter the respective customer details but you can also update with the repair issue. This repair issue of the particular product is entered into the software which can also be stored in the repair manager Pendings. The repair manager views it resolve the issue and enter his status in the software, this can be viewed by the admin person and finally he/she delivers the repair free product to the customer before the due date. Finally the bill can also be generated in the software with just one click!!

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With the Reach CCTV Business software all these process will be automatically done in less time. If there is any problem in the process flow as a business owner you can also check or verify in which place the process went wrong and even helps to fix the issue. Finding any problem with your any kind of sales & service business including CCTV camera business and need an immediate perfect solution then you are in the right page. Get in touch with us by visiting us here. To try the software for yourself you can take a 15 days trial pack of the software here. Have any queries? Don”™t hesitate to call us @ 9840075503.

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