Top reasons why business owners should focus on mobile capabilities in ERP

Top reasons why business owners should focus on mobile capabilities in ERP


In today’s life we use mobile phones for almost all the things to make our lives easier. Now that it is the generation of apps we have new apps that are being released daily. As there is a continuous struggle to make lives easier and to save time due to the modern hectic lifestyle the apps comes in handy to do all our work and make everything easy and approachable within few minutes and seconds.

We carry on cellphones everywhere and this is how we can access all the apps from anywhere thus cellphone is one of the most important gadgets. We cannot take a walk few meters from our home without our cell phone that is how much importance we give to it.

And our cell phones are not only a mere cellphones anymore that we can use for texting and calling only. It is used for various reasons with the new applications hitting the market and the smart operating system has helped us do many things just with a gadget in the palm of our hands like; order food online easily from for example zomato, foodpanda and swiggy, we can also check our heart beat rate and the number of kilometers you have walked or jogged. And why would such an evolution in technology leave the business behind.

Here are the top reasons why business owners should focus on mobile capabilities in ERP:

1.Bulk messaging

Bulk messaging system helps you do better customer service and lets you send free sms which makes cost effective ways for you to send out messages. You can send alerts to your customers at one go or send them updates about offers, sales, upcoming products etc and keep them informed. You can also update the customers with the status of their project in case of builders, service business etc.

Bulk sms system also helps you send updates within the business so you can spread any news easily within the company. As it has to be shared with numerous people therefore it saves time as you are just one click away from sending messages to as many number of people you want to.

  1. Tracking

You can track everything sitting at one place. The expenses, inventory, employees, profit level etc.

The tracking system of ERP lets you keep in account of everything at your workplace even when you are not around. You could be on a holiday and still get all your updates. You can see how much expenses are happening in your business, if the employees are turning up at work and how many sales executives are actually doing their part. You can also keep your work progress in check and take actions anytime in case necessary.

  1. Real time updates

When you are away from your workplace or business you usually have to wait for the accounts to arrive in your email or at your desk, or whenever you can check. But ERP mobile app lets you know everything that is going on just as you get notifications and updates in any other app in your mobile. Thus you don”™t have to wait for the entire day and ruin your day off or put up with delays.

You can get all the updates in the real time hence you know exactly what happened at what time and your record is accurate.

  1. Managing multi location business

Many business owners find it difficult to manage multi location business as it is difficult to keep visiting all the locations and check up on their business.

The mobile ERP app can help a multi location business owner manage his business simply by sitting at one location or even just by being at home. It allows you to track each business separately and manage it by updating you every detail in real time. This way you can take necessary actions at that moment itself if required without any delay and hence you can skip the obstacles

  1. Making more sales

The sales executive receives the leads and can give status, send quotes and raise invoices from the mobile app. Thus the sales executive can make appointments easily and deal with the clients easily.

Top reasons why business owners should focus on mobile capabilities in ERP

Reach ERP is a cloud based software that stores all your accounts with high level security and customize with your business. It is accessible from anywhere and updates you with all the details in real time. Reach is easy to operate and allows you to track all the departments and accounts.

It tracks your highest selling product, highest value customer, best sales executive, accounts, expenses, etc. Here are the features of Reach ERP :


  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Expense management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Bulk messaging
  • Lead management
  • Mobile app

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