What is the simplest and easiest accounting software for a small business?

What is the simplest and easiest accounting software for a small business?

The small business needs an accounting software that is not too complicated, can manage the business and help in its growth as well.

There are many accounting software trending in the market but you need to pay attention to what your business needs and not what is currently trending. You can go by the brand but do not let it be the entire factor as it could be for a business that is huge in figure and it might not be suitable to work with as you have a smaller size compared to the businesses that are using this software.

Be sure to choose the software only after getting a thorough knowledge on accounting software and what kind of software you require for your business. Let the vendor walk you through their software and then you can short list and take a demo, try out the software and make the final decision.

Also you need to make sure that you get an online accounting software as it is safer to get an online software. You have no risk of losing data because it stores all  the accounts in the cloud. You can expand it along with the size of the business and access it from anywhere.

What is the simplest and easiest accounting software for a small business?

Reach accounting software is a software that is cloud based. It automates your business and tracks all the accounts keeping record of every detail. It is accessible from anywhere. It allows you to check the profitability, work progress, highest selling product, etc in its dashboard.

It updates you all the details by tracking your work progress, inventory, expenses etc in real time.

Reach customize with your business and makes it easy for you to operate it and work with it.

It is one of the best accounting software for small and medium business as it can manage any size of business and makes all the work simpler for a growing business. It also lends a hand in the growth of a business.

Let us look at some of its functions:

  1. Business intelligence dashboard

It shows the work status, profitability and expenses graphically. It also allows you to see the highest selling product, best sales executive, highest value customer. It also alerts you with notifications about pending work. And every night at 10 you can get all the calculations done on sales, expenses, stock value etc of the day.

  1. Customer relationship (CRM) and sales team management

Manage your sales team with no hinderance or efforts. You can import leads from Indiamart, Justdial, google docs etc and assign it to your sales executives using Reach”™s sms system in the mobile app . They can then raise invoices, sales orders and send quotes etc using the mobile app as well.

  1. Repair

Reach allows you to track the items that has arrived for repairing. You can create job sheets and quotes and send it to the customers for approval. Make a list of requirements needed for the repair and manage both in-house and on-field repair projects and the employees.

  1. Service engineer management

Manage your engineers both, the ones in-house and on-field. Assign calls and the complaints to the service engineers through mobile app. They can then report back about the status of the work to you using the mobile app.

  1. Billing

Make faster billing possible using this software. Invoices will automatically be raised and you can customize it with your company logo and tagline. It has automatic foreign currency converter and also payment gateway plugin that allows you to get your payments through paypal.

  1. Accounting

It makes your old record keeping hectic job a simple process. You can keep record of all the accounts and details and never have any risk of losing data. Your accounts are saved with bank level security and it allows you to access them from anywhere but it also makes sure that it has limited accessibility for others, for your safety.

  1. Purchase and expenses

Send purchase orders easily and raise purchase identification. You can send the purchase orders to the person concerned immediately using the mobile app. Receive the bills and track the unpaid orders and vendors. Easily print vouchers, GRN and delivery challans.

  1. Mobile app

Mobile app helps all of the functions and works that are mentioned and also helps you send bulk sms to your customers and clients. Update your clients about the work status and your customers about the offers, new products etc. You can also send bulk sms to your employees and keep them updated about the work and the business or any changes at work place.

The features of Reach Accounting software includes:

  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Expense management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Bulk messaging
  • Lead management
  • Mobile app

What is the simplest and easiest accounting software for a small business?

Coming to conclusion all the functions and the features mentioned can help a business run smoothly and a smooth running business as we know is never far from success. It allows you to manage your business from anywhere hence you can always have the power and control over your business no matter where you are. You also stay updated about every detail which allows you to watch over it in a greater extent. Having your eye over your company at all times reduces errors and this helps you to manage your business better.

Thus you can see why Reach is considered as one of the best accounting software for small business.

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