How to manage GST across multiple branches using online GST accounting software?

How to manage GST across multiple branches using online GST accounting software?

Managing a multi branch business is a hectic job. You have to keep yourself updated with all your business branches in different locations pay a visit almost every month to see how the employees are working and how are the sales going on. It takes up all your time an all your energy. It is exhausting and stressful to run multi branch business as it demands a lot from its business owner.

Reach accountant software is an online GST ready software that can help you manage every branch separately. Reach is an user friendly customizable software with smart and wide range of features that helps your un your business in the simplest way possible saving you from all the hustle and bustle.

Features of Reach accountant software:

  • Project management
  • Invoice
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Inventory software
  • Addons ”˜
  • Dashboard
  • Tax
  • Payrolls
  • Multi branch
  • Multi company
  • Banking operation synchronization
  • Mobile app, etc

Without Reach software:

  • Cannot keep a track of your employees in all the branches hence your production will be hindered
  • You cannot make decisions there and then as you will have to wait for the call or message to reach to you, hence you face communication gap
  • Not all the mangers are on the same page when it is required
  • Cannot keep an eye on all the branch sales, business ,etc
  • Will have to keep travelling every month or even daily to manage your branches
  • Chaotic accounting
  • Not every branch will progress well, etc

There are much more that a business owner who owns a multi branch company without a proper software for management suffers.

Hence, keeping all these in mind we have created Reach accountant software that understands all these problems and does much more than just being a dry management software.

Reach allows you to create separate accounts for all your branches so your manages an manage it without getting confused with other accounts. You can keep your eye on all your branches from your headquarter, home or even from a holiday location and stay updated about all your sales and profit, etc.

Reach allows easy but safe access to you hence you can access it from anywhere get your updates in real time so you can make changes in case of emergency for better business.

How does Reach accountant GST ready software manage a multi branch business:

  • It allows you to sit at one location and access all your branches and get updates
  • All the updates are real time hence you can make better decisions and always remain informed
  • All your employees and managers stay on the same page when required
  • You can save travelling and maintenance cost as you can keep an eye on your business from anywhere
  • All your departments are under control
  • Improves work flow, cash flow and business performance
  • Reduces employee costs as you can keep an eye on things yourself
  • Reduces wastage of products and goods
  • Daily sales and accounts are updated to you everyday
  • Your tax reduces as you pay only what you are suppose to and what is visible



  • Bank level security with 256 bit encryption
  • Shoots OTP every time your employee logs in from outside office
  • Back up every 3 hours
  • Reduces costs
  • Free anti-virus
  • Accessible from any device and any location
  • Accessibility restriction menu against unauthorized access

In order to manage your multi branch business it is important to understand the requirement of your business. What you require is a software that will handle it from all the sides so you are not stressed out with all your branch to manage. Every branch needs to be managed separately so every manager can manage it and even in your absence your business will be managed under you and with a correct process without any fraud.

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