Best accounting software for retail business

Best accounting software for retail business, a software that makes accounting and managing retail business a simple business process.

The best accounting software for retail business that customize with any kind of retail business, helps in the process of growth for your business. It stores everything in the cloud hence it can be accessed from anywhere.

Best accounting software for retail business



Retail business calls for a lot of work and as we know retail stores are mainly crowded and busy. The retail business needs everything happening rapidly due to its amount of items that it has and the two way business i.e buying and selling as well. A retail business needs fast billing system and a strong management because it has departments like storehouse, items buying and keeping account of everything. To make everything manageable it is important to have software that is created for retail business and feeds all the needs of this particular type of business.

Current scenario

Retail business are in a growing process as it continuously keeps growing and there are small,medium and big retail businesses. These type of business use software that helps in faster billing, keep accounts of every detail because it makes the business happen faster and it works from every side. It is necessary to have a software that helps a retail business function without any bumps because it is unlike wholesale, has to buy the products as well in order to sell them. So the process is a little lengthier and hence it needs a software that is made for this particular kind of business.


Customers at times get impatient with the long queue, slow billing and your shop can face problems if the customers seem unsatisfied as the customer satisfaction matters a lot in any business. We see ratings on every supermarket or anything before we buy so it’s important that your business is rated decently as well. As in retail the products are also brought from a dealer hence there can be out of stock issues anytime and to keep every item at stock it can be a big task. The problems mentioned are just the basic or the main problems but whether mentioned or not a retail business like any business will have its bumps on the road and drawbacks that might be fixable.


As the faster billing and keeping all the details in account are the two most important things that retail business must have. An accounting software helps in keeping accounts of the bills, items and the expenditures etc. Any accounting software helps in billing and keeping your account details but you need a software that also suits your business and helps in the growth of your company. Reach Accountant software is one of the best accounting software for retail business which saves your accounts in the cloud so it’s safely secured with no system crash problems. Reach keeps you updated about your bills and accounts in real time. So it is an exact solution that any retail business is looking for.


Top reasons to buy

1. See project profitability

Help your business grow faster by keeping your profit meter under check in the dashboard of the software. Investing on what item gives your store or business more profit is made simpler as you are aware which is making the profit and how much profit is coming in. The work progress meter or the profit meter in Reach will calculate it for you to make the business more profitable.

  1. Billing based on completed task

You stay alert about your bills, put reminders for due dates so you never miss out on any bills. When you take your bills task wise you will be able to run your business without any delay if you have any budget problems.  

  1. Managing expenses for every project

Every item in your retail store has expenses so Reach will keep the budget separate for every item, so you can manage your expenses for each item. Reach will watch your budget and every item for you therefore your expenses don”™t cross its line or if needed you add whenever.


Features of the best accounting software for retail business

  1. Project management

Any project you take up or be it your entire store you can have it all under Reach Accountant. Reach stores all the accounts and every detail goes in it. Your expenses, budget, accounts and the account of items. So your retail business or the project is managed from all four sides.

  1. Invoicing

Convert your bills directly into invoices and hand out the bills in a professional manner with customized invoices where you can use your logo and your tagline. You also have choices, use any from 20 different invoices.

  1. Expense management

An expense in a retail business happens in huge numbers as all the items are to be brought from the dealer so in order to manage that, just a manually done work cannot be satisfactory but much more complicated software which makes work easier. Your budget and expenditures will follow up each other so you stay aware of how much expenditure is happening and on what purpose it is happening.

      4. Accounting

Thinking about how much is to be kept in account in a retail business you cannot just carry all these bulk and let the mess follow. A software does just what you want it to, like keeping accounts of your items, your sell, your profit, your entire store”™s necessary accounts of anything that you need. Reach Accountant allows you to store it all and keeps it as safe as a bank with its level of security and limited accessibility. However it is accessible from anywhere as it saves all your accounts in the cloud so you don”™t have to log in your office system every time you want to check on your accounts. (click on ‘Accounting’ for 15 days free trail of accounting software)

  1. Inventory management

In case of a retail business an inventory is something that must be under a strict supervision because it is where you run your business from. You would want your items stocked and no out of stock news, but that is not always possible unless you are watching how much is leaving your inventory each day. So Reach watches your storehouse for you, you will learn about how much is leaving your storehouse each day or even each time. The items available will match up with items sold so you know when to stock your store again.

  1. Bulk messaging

Make your time consuming and expensive ads easier by sending your ads as messages to your customers in a bulk which can be done from Reach Accountant”™s bulk sms system. Not only ads but offers and prize winners etc any kind of message that you want to send your customers.

Keep your employees also updated about any work schedule or anything required you can always use bulk sms system of Reach Accountant software.

  1. Lead management

Your lead queries and any updates from your leads can also be accessed from Reach itself as it allows you to sync your email contacts in it. Easily move your leads from google docs to Reach and manage it all from just one software and save yourself from login in too many accounts or any kind of rush.

  1. Mobile app

Along with all the above features this is one of Reach”™s most interesting feature. As we know it is an era of smartphones and apps, so Reach comes as an mobile app as well. It is a mobile friendly software since it is accessible from anywhere it is accessible from your cell phones as well. You can track all that”™s happening in your business anywhere you go as Reach updates you with everything in real time, like a notification of other apps in your phone. If 20,000 was used today from your budget you get that updated at the same time it is used and for what purpose and where the transaction happened. Keeping everything under your watch. You can also track your employees easily to know if they are turning up for work. The app comes department wise as well so they don”™t have to access the unnecessary parts and be within their boundary. So with all the updates and the managing of expenses and accounts your business remains under control.

Best accounting software for retail businessWhy Reach?

A software that can manage your accounts and give bank security, keep everything under watch, is accessible from anywhere and has an app that makes everything even more simpler can only describe one of the best software for your business.

Reach can make your business grow in a fastest way and make the work simpler for you as it the age of technology, and yes it does makes everything simpler for us.

Reach Accountant is a software all that”™s mentioned above, you can name a necessity in retail business and Reach will be there to look into it. You may have a 10 stories retail but it can all fit in one software which will keep a clean account and systematically so you can relax and take care of your business. Reach will manage your entire business and plus help in its growth as well. Therefore it is suggested as one of the best accounting software for retail business. Read more.


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