How an android/Ios mobile accounting app can help you with GST and automate business?

How an android/Ios mobile accounting app can help you with GST and automate business?

Managing a business on your own is a lot of work. You have employees to look after, departments to take care of, money, work process, expenses, sales, etc. Once you are not in the office it gets difficult for you to manage and run your business. You require to have your daily reports, managing your employees”™ work, guiding them, managing your clients and things could go haywire without it. You need to have everything under control at all times but it is not possible without you being on your desk all the time working.

That can be simplified with the help of Reach accounting mobile app. It is an app that helps you automate your business, it manages your business every side and keeps it under your control.

Reach is a friendly app that can be accessed from android and ios easily or even from chrome from any device. It provides you with real time updates, prepares receipts and puts the control of your business in your hands even when you are not at work.

For example, you could be on a vacation but you”™d still want your employees to work and have all the sales and reports on time. This is possible if you have an online access to your business. Your business demands proper process and not everyone will take care of your business the way you do. Hence, you need to have your eye n it all the time. Accounting app allows you to access your business from anywhere and all the updates comes to your app just as a notification provided by any other app. You can also have your daily reports on your app without you having to wait for your sales report everyday.

You can also take decisions for your business and set meeting timing, etc, beforehand and have everyone informed and keep them updated in case of any changes as every employee can download their own app and access it.


  • Accounting
  • Tax, payrolls
  • Real time updates
  • Sales reports
  • Purchase
  • Tracks inventory
  • Bank synchronization
  • Bulk SMS and email
  • Invoice, etc

We have an application for every single thing at present, the list could go on and on and it is going without limits. Not even time will be able to tell how long this is going to go on. The apps like facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, twitter, etc, are taking the world by storm in the social media stream. Then there are apps that are not on this platform but for service platform, like zomato, bookmyshow, swiggy, etc. Name any service, any online shopping store, almost anything and everything can accessed from an app hence why not make your business easy by owning an accounting app that helps you to run your business better and faster without you having to spend huge amount of money like you have to on the accounting software like Tally, Marg, SAP, etc.

These software will cost you a heavy sum of money and in case you are a starter then it is going to difficult for you to run your business and keep the software under maintenance when you require it to.  A software can cost you lot not only on the above reasons, but because it requires so much learning hence your time is also wasted.  Where as an accounting app is straight forward and easy hence you can make a bridge over your communication gaps with your employees and work as fast as possible on every work you to.

Your business will be automated and you will have to relax and sit back while all the process takes place in your business with the help of an accounting app. This way all your employees can also use the app hence they can also find more leads on their own and turn them into customers.

The bulk gets reduced as you have a business partner who does it all for you. Finding the right software is like finding the right partner as that is our Reach accounting software that understands your business process and allows you to create whatever that is you want to and manages it by updated all the tiny of the tiniest changes happening daily.

Reach mobile app gives you the experience that an app can actually know you want and manage an entire business despite of its size. It provides you with all the necessary features required to manage small and medium business. Thus your business can be carried in the palm of your hands and your pocket. All you will need to do is open your app and get and access to a whole portal of your entire business and its updates.

It can be used by any business like retailers, contractors, job workers, service providers, wholesalers, consultants, individual business, business with branches,

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