Why your retail business needs a cloud accounting software

Why your retail business needs a cloud accounting software

In any business that we come across it is important to keep record of all the accounts and it needs a good management in order to run the business. A cloud accounting software takes care of your bookkeeping matter and acts like a backbone of your business management.

Accounting software is a system that records all your accounts and takes note of all the financial and business related lists and issues so you can have a complete history of your accounts. It allows you to handle your business expenses more wisely.

A retail business is mainly selling commodities to customers after buying the commodities from the producer, manufacturer or a wholesaler. The business of a retail shop is mainly seen in shopping malls, super markets, etc. It is a three way business as the business owner purchases it from the bulk manufacturer or the actual percent and then sells it off to the customers and hence there are a lot of record to keep from purchase, to sales, sales executives, customer record, warehouse level, billing etc. Retail shops can be of any type, it could be a food, toiletries, household store like any super market, clothing, jewelry, etc.

It is obvious that an accounting manager helps a business in various ways.


  1. Data backup

A cloud accounting software will always have your back no matter what your business come across. It could be a system crash, any accident, etc. In case of another way of keeping your accounts on record it might be difficult to get back the data or you might even lose it forever. But since a cloud accounting software stores all your accounts in the cloud therefore you can restore it anytime you like. Therefore whenever you come across any mishaps you can simply skip the troubles because of its immediate backup with no delay or obstacles.

  1. Integration

Wouldn”™t it be awesome if we could all work together despite of different opinions if somehow we could connect and make an organization run without chaos or feuds. May not be possible with humans but with a cloud accounting software it is. Its always better when the software in your business can integrate so the workflow is smooth which results in saving time and brings coordination without having to jump from one software to the other for various things to update likew whatever is required to keep the two or three software connected and in same page.

A cloud accounting software easily integrates with inventory, billing, CRM software or other software that needs similar details.

  1. Accessibility

When you are a business owner you are always thinking about your business and you always want to keep a check on your accounts. But in case you are not at home or you are on a vacation it will bother you on how your business is going on and the wait will be painful as you have to wait till the end of the day to get to know all the news. And at times you could be too late to correct some mistakes or to make changes. But with an accounting software that is cloud based you can track all the expenses, transactions, number of sales, profitability, etc from anywhere you like just by using your laptop, tab or cellphone. All that you will need is net connection and there, you have it all. Your entire business is in the palm of your hands and everywhere with you.

  1. Real time update

Cloud accounting software understands the importance of time and hence updates you all the details of every account in real time, so you can are entirely aware of every situation and you can keep all the business under control.

With cloud accounting software you can track almost everything like the expenses, transaction, your employees and what time the sales were made etc. All these in real time hence you have the upper hand all the time and all employees, expenses and entire business remains traceable.

  1. Automation

It gets easier when your software already knows what to do next instead you having to type in things and letting it know what to do next. It saves time and makes everything simpler. Your inventory level can be managed directly with the help of cloud accounting software as the billing is done the products sold out and the products available automatically follows. And also invoices are raised automatically once the purchase is being made and the bill reminder for the due date, etc helps in bringing down the workload.



Reach Accountant is a cloud based accounting software that manages your entire business and is customizable. Reach is a user friendly software that integrates with other software, it tracks all your expenses, profit, work progress, best sale”™s executive, highest value customers and highest selling product.

It allows you to access it from anywhere and is also mobile friendly. All you need is an internet connection and you can get all your updates in real time. Functions of Reach accounting software are:

  • Income and expense grouping
  • Accounting ledgers
  • Tax heading creations and operations
  • Asset Liability creation and operations
  • Bank and cash creation and operations
  • Income and expense recording
  • Journal entries and transactions etc

And its features include:

  • Dashboard
  • Billing
  • CRM
  • Repair
  • Accounting
  • Purchase and expenses
  • API

For queries and more information click here. For 15 days free trial of Reach accounting software click on >> Demo

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