Gold Jewellery Smith management Software

Gold jewellery smith management software for jewelers who would want to manage their orders and their jobs outsourced to Gold smiths




  • Order Management

When customers place orders, you can capture the order details along with an image of the jewellery order given. You can also attach the value of the old gold given in exchange for the order. This can be printed as a Order Card to be given as an acknowledgement to the customers.  The software helps you assaign these orders to a gold smith and also keeps you informed of upcoming deliveries.

  • Repair management

You can acknowledge the items given for repair by printing a order card.  You can assaign the repairs to specific gold smiths and also be informed of the delivery dates so you can make sure that the repair orders are delivered well ahead of time.

  • Assaigning Jobs to Goldsmith

The software helps you assaign the orders directly to Goldsmiths. When assaigned the software sends an email of the order along with the attached image to the goldsmith along with the expected delivery details.

  • Returning Jobs from Goldsmith

When the Goldsmith finishes the job and returns the orders, the software provides an option to convert them into a lot for printing barcode tags. It also sends an sms to the customer who gave the order, informing that the order is ready.

  • Auto converting to Lots

When the order is returned by the gold smith, the software automatically converts the order to a lot with a separate sku and prints a barcode sticker. This save a lotta time which will otherwise be spent on duplication of tag entry.

  • Barcoding

The software integrates barcoding, point of sale, accounting and inventory management along with gold smith management to give you an end to end management of the entire process.

  • Auto sms to customer confirming order status

The software can automatically send order status updates to the customer. This keep the customer informed of the status well ahead and ensures the customer is kept happy.


Who can use Gold Jewellery Smith management software?





  • Shop (one user, Rs. 1250/- pm)
  • Store (3 users, Rs. 2500/- pm)
  • Showroom (unlimited users, Rs. 3500/- pm)

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