How to find the right GST software provider in India?

How to find the right GST software provider in India?

A GST ready software is a must to remove all the complicated tax calculation with a complex rule list. There are many GST software providers in India as the GST bill have been passed a software with GST ready has been on demand to make things easier in every business.

While getting a software it is always wise to research before you jump to conclusions. It is smarter to take time and then decide on what software you want for your business as it is an important decision.

How to find the right GST provider in India?

  1. Check what you need

What does your business need? Find out the kind of software you are looking for and what is suitable for your business, if the software has all that you require in your business, if you will be able to use it to the maximum for your business functions, etc.


  1. Customization

Customization is really important as you need not bend with the software uncomfortably so you can work with ease without having to change the way your business functions. When you purchase a software it is like finding the right partner for your business management therefore make sure that it is a friendly software.


  1. Flexibility

A software must be able to manage your business the way you need it to. Make sure that your business can utilize the way you want. It should be able to manage your business as it expands, its branches, etc the software should be able to move along with it.


  1. Read

Read as much as possible about GST software so you have a thorough knowledge about what you are looking for and what you are being provided


  1. Talk to the vendor

Depending on the blogs are not enough, talk to the vendor so you know what they have in store for you. Ask them all the possible questions and be clear on what you are looking for.


  1. Take a demo

Short list the software and take a demo of each software. This will help you decide better so take demos of the short listed software to learn better about them and finalize.


  1. Costs

Check properly if the cost is worth the software, if it has all the features you require and if there are any hidden costs.


  1. Cloud based

A cloud based software is always a smarter choice as you have easy back up and can access it from anywhere for better management and safety


The best GST software provider in India

When you say best, the first thing on your mind that comes is having all that you want and something that is different from all the rest and is exactly want you have been looking for. Reach GST ready software does not stray anywhere from the word best. It is a software that will give you all you need for a business management and even more making you see the needs that you didn”™t even know existed to make your life easier.

There are several GST ready software but there are certain disadvantages that make them less desirable and in order to fill those gaps Reach works towards being the best GST software provider in India.

Reach is a cloud based GST ready software, it is everything a business owner has been looking for. It comes with various features that makes it user friendly and customizable. Although it is a powerful and complex software it is easy to use and can be implemented in a very short period of time.

Reach has several software like:

  • ERP
  • POS
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory software
  • Accounting app
  • Chatbot, etc

Why should you use Reach GST ready software?

The software industry has lot to offer when it comes to business management software and every software claims to do its best but which one actually provides the best. With the GST bill passed the need for GST software provider has increased and every business is trying its best to come up with the best solutions possible to satisfy the need of business owners. There”™s Tally, Marg, HDPOS, Quicko and many more. These software comes with GST ready and several management tools but there are certain drawbacks that you will find out in time to come as some of these software does not provide real time access, not cost effective, rigidity, update issues, etc. But Reach is built after keeping all these in mind to help you get all the solutions at once from just one software.

Features of Reach

  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • CRM
  • Inventory management
  • Branch management
  • Multi company
  • Bulk SMS and email
  • Inventory management
  • Expense tracking
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Invoice
  • Multi lingual
  • Mobile app
  • Bank synchronization, etc


Advantages that you can enjoy:

Reach being one of the best GST software provider you are in for a treat with these advantages that other software may not provide:

  • Reach is easily customizable hence any size of software can use it and also any one can learn using it as fast as possible
  • It is easily accessible from anywhere and device thus you can work even when you are not in office or have the updates of all the reports when you are away
  • Reach provides easy backup as it backs up all your data every 3 hours
  • It provides bank level security with 256 bit encryption so you have full security for your data
  • There are no unauthorized access as you can restrict the accessibility to certain areas from your employees and other for more privacy
  • It shoots OTP every time your employee logs in from outside
  • You get free anti-virus hence you have no worries about virus attack or system crash
  • It allows unlimited number of users depending on your choice
  • Reach can easily integrate with other software
  • There are no heavy server maintenance and set up required
  • It”™s point of sale software works even when the net connection is cut off as it saves the items that are being billed

All these and much more is provided by Reach which makes it one of the best GST software provider thus take a demo today and get to know about the software as we have 24/7 support that will always have your back even after the purchase is been made.

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