Best billing software for furniture stores allows the store to do faster billing and stores all its accounts systematically

The best billing software for furniture stores manages all the accounts and stores it in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere. It helps a store have more ordered account and better business with its fast billing and accuracy in managing accounts.



We see many stores keeping their accounts in tally or excel sheets or some even do manual work. But tally or excel sheets are not enough to make your accounts secured and give your store a better business. There are many software now that are helping keep accounts safe and helping in the growth of business by taking care of other things like its expenses and profits etc. But not every software that claims to take care of all that will actually be right for a store so you need to look for the software that is suitable for your store and is a best billing software for furniture stores.

Current scenario

A furniture store business happens to be a safe one because everyone needs furniture but not keeping a watch over expenses etc can make it a stagnant business. Store accounts and expenses and also business and keep all the corners under watch to make it big in the market. The small and medium business are taking help of a software to reach its hands everywhere possible to take care of their store”™s expenses and keep an account of everything. It have proven in better business and faster growing of the business thus a need of software in store has become much more now than before.


In our day to day life we always come across many problems and if it is for a store owner, it could be thinking how to get more buyers and how to make more profit. Also it could be keeping of all the accounts, the daily details of the store. Managing the stocks, the expenses and the entire business sounds like a heavyweight on the shoulders and it needs a helping hand to help manage all that goes on in the business.


Speaking about the software and the problems of the stores, the solution is clear that it is a software that can help with the problems. Installing an accounting software in your store will keep your accounts in a more systematic order and manage your expenses as well. With an accounting software you can watch over your entire store”™s function, the billings, stocks, expenses etc. But you need to make sure while choosing a software that it is the best billing software for furniture stores. Reach is considered as one of the best billing software for furniture stores since it is flexible and will customize to your type of business and store all the data in the cloud which makes it easy for you to access to your accounts from anywhere. Since it is all in the cloud there is no worries about losing your account or system crashing.

Top reasons to buy

  1. See project wise profitability

You have different variety of furniture like; bedroom furniture, drawing room furniture, dining furniture, garden furniture and under those you have other categories as well. How do you know which ones are bringing more profit to your store? There is an account that you maintain of course but isn”™t it tiring to calculate the profit and the loss all the time? Reach accountant allows you to enter the items in separate columns and on the dashboard, the work progress or the profit meter which will automatically update the profit you are receiving from the different items.

  1.  Billing based on completed task

Reach has an option where you can enter the due date for payments and you can set an alarm for the payment dates for every task completed. For example you have to supply drawing room furniture and you are delivering a sofa on the first day and the center table after some days when you have customized it for the customer. You can get your pay task wise and not in the end of the whole delivery. It will also allow you to put a reminder so that you don”™t miss out on the dates.Which will help your store function without any budget problem or any other shortcomings in the future while the project is on progress.

3.Managing expenses for every project

You can consider different items as separate projects as you need to spend separately on different furniture so you need to watch over your expenses. Reach being one of the best  billing software for furniture stores it allows you to enter the names of your items separately and will keep your expenses under check and your column with expenditure and budget will match up according to the expenses happening. Allowing you to watch your budget.


Features of the best  billing software for furniture stores

  1. Project management

Consider your store as a project and let Reach take over, as it takes care of fast billing, managing expenses and keep everything in account. Reach is designed to take care of all the projects or stores and companies as a whole, just enter the data that need to be taken care of. It will let you watch over your entire store, what is happening inside, and what goes in and out. You can take care of it all by just login in your Reach account.  Read more

  1. Invoicing

Reach converts your bills directly into invoices so that you can hand it out your customers after the bill is paid. Get them customized as well with Reach and put your logo and tagline in it to make it more professionalized. You can also choose from 20 different types of invoices.

  1. Expense management

There are several expenses in any store or any business thus it must be under constant watch so that you don”™t miss the track. With Reach you can track all your expenses and you will never go overboard with your expenditure. You can enter your budget in a column next to the budget used or expenditures and it will automatically match up just like how it does in your bank account. But with reach you stay updated with the account of how much you have used as well. Thus with such feature it is suggested as one of the best billing software for furniture stores.

  1. Accounting

Accounting is the most important part of this software”™s features. Reach keeps in account of everything in your store and therefore that’s how you get everything updated in your software. The sells, expenses, budgets, items and the whole of the store. It is also completely safe to store your accounts in Reach as it gives your account bank level security with limited accessibility.

Reach stores all your accounts in the cloud therefore it is easy to revive even when you have system crash or some mishaps. Reach also allows you to access to your accounts from anywhere you want and you don”™t have to login to your system all the time.

  1. Inventory management

Stay alert and aware of your stocks in your storehouse before you run out of stocks. Reach allows you to enter the amount of stocks available and it will match up with the stocks used. So you can track the number of items still available and stay updated as to when you will have to fill your storehouse again. Therefore Reach can be categorized in one of the best billing software for furniture stores as it will keep everything in control for your store’s smooth run.

  1. Bulk messaging

Send alerts to your customers about the upcoming offers and ads about new items or any new updates in your store in bulk. Save both money and time using bulk sms system of Reach Accountant software. You can also send sms internally to your employees about any changes, updates about the work or any important information etc.

  1. Lead management

Simply transfer your leads from your google docs easily to Reach Accountant and manage them easily from one software itself. As Reach allows you to sync your email accounts in it, so you can receive all the queries, mails and all the promotions etc in one software. So you can save time without having to skip from one account to the other to check your mails.

  1. Mobile app

There is a reason which separates Reach Accountant from other billing software, not only because it can handle all the accounts and manage your entire store but also because it is very user friendly and hence is accessible from your cell phones as well. We carry our mobile phones with us everywhere and since you can access Reach from anywhere so why not from your mobile. You can download Reach app to be able to access it even more easily and you won”™t need a system to carry around with you to get updates of your store. You could be sitting at home or on the beach or at a restaurant and you can get all the updates in real time and check your account and stay updated. Without having to wait till the end of the day to receive your accounts in the mail. You can also track your employees and check if they are doing their part hence you stay alert and can manage your store even when you are not around.

Your employees can have their own apps as well but with limited access so that they just access in their own departments and skip all the unnecessary part and stay in their region only. Doesn”™t that just sums up why Reach is one of the best billing software for furniture stores.


Why Reach?

Our choices makes us, be it for the simplest things. And owning a store isn”™t a simple thing so why not make the right choice and choose whats best for your store.

Of course there are many software that can handle account but Reach stands out because of the way it is towards the users. It understands your necessities and moves with it, for example: managing your expenses, your storehouse, being accessible from anywhere, keeping your accounts safe with high security level, helping you track everything in your store, helps you revive accounts easily, and most importantly it customizes with your type of business so you don”™t have to shape yourself for it.

All of these qualities making it one of the best billing software for furniture stores.


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