Best billing software for bookstores for faster billing and keeping everything in account in the store.

The best billing software for bookstores is completely cloud based and manages the whole of the store with faster billing and stores your accounts safely with easy accessibility.


The book stores have every genre, every writer, every era, every different selling category books. And they are are to be kept in account to help the customers find the books they are looking for instead of searching it all over the shelf. And to check the availability and bill it faster when there are too many customers in the line. Now how is that all possible. Of course with the help of a billing software. But there are so many software in the market so how do you know which one is the best billing software for bookstores. Selecting the best of the best is very important if you want your store to run like you want it to.


Current Scenario

The scenario of bookstores have changed over the centuries. Earlier their only aim was to sell books, but now with the growing market and demand and online stores the bookstores have to compete to get customers. There are also bookstore chains that we can find in the malls etc, and individual bookstores exist as well. But what is important here is to have a proper planned account of your store, help with faster billing and to maintain your store over all.


There might be customers looking for a particular adventure novel but you had to rearrange the whole shelf looking for it doesn”™t it sound like too much of a work? Or say there were too many people at your store today due to offers or casually and standing in the queue made the customers restless and your employees were frustrated. And some of your accounts gone missing or you missed out on, so now the result doesn”™t seem to match with what it should have been. These are just few that were mentioned there might be others as well which arise due to no systematic accounting done or errors in hidden areas.


The problems mentioned above have one solution and it will take care of all the situations  and even the ones that  have not even happened but the ones with the possibilities. A billing software can help maintain a complete store by keeping the accounts and also managing the store since everything can be stored in it. Reach is one of the best billing software for bookstores and will manage all the account and keep track of the whole movement going on in the store from sales to profit to even your employees.

Top reasons to buy

  1. See project wise profitability

See which category in your store is having the best sell. Are the best sellers actually selling out, or is it the classics, or romance, or the adventure genre etc which is having more demand. All these are tracked through Reach and you can simply check it on the dashboard on work progress meter or the profit meter. Wouldn”™t that help your business run better? The best billing software for bookstores make sure that happens hence takes care of your profit meter as well.

  1. Billing based on completed task

When you order books or printing certain pamphlets to hand out to the buyers or even some buyers guides etc. You need to keep in account that you don”™t miss out on your bills and human cannot store all the daily data and keep on collecting them, something or the other will slip out of our head for sure. Reach will keep all the data inside for you and also it allows you to set reminders so you can pay on the date set for your particular bill. Sometimes you might be arranging something for the third party as well, may be a book fair for school children. Take your payment per completed task.For example if the fair is for three days get the payment in the end of each day Therefore you can manage your budget better so that you don”™t have to wait for the whole fair to end to get the full payment.

  1. Managing expenses for every project

A store has many separate expenses and if not handled with care there can be several extra expenditure possible which will block the way to benefits from the store. To have a proper within the budget expenditure you need a proper calculation and walking with the plan. But most of the time it is not a possible or a simple thing to go according to the plan as you might miss out on few things or forget to keep your budget under strict check. But not with the best billing software for bookstores, it will take care of your expenses like a mentor watching over your work. The budget and expenses used will match up side by side and you will remain alert on how much you have spent. The expenses will not only be managed but it will also allow you to create separate columns for every project thus everything is arranged and your accounts don”™t get too complicated to look at. Get Reach accountant and make it all possible and it will surely prove to be one of the best billing software for bookstores.


Features of the best billing software for bookstores

  1. Project management

Consider your entire store as a project, and leave everything under Reach Accountant to manage it for your store. Get a faster billing software, better account management along with all the requirements like; access your account from anywhere, manage expenses, no fear of system crashing and losing accounts since everything is stored in the cloud and much more. It can be considered as the best billing software for bookstores for it can watch over the entire store and keep everything under control and you get to watch over everything that makes your work and business very simple. 

  1. Invoicing

Easily import all your bills and Reach will automatically convert them into invoices. Want to give a professional look and approach to your customers? It has 20 types of invoices and you can customize any of them and put the logo and tagline of your company. Making work and the look of your store better.

  1. Expense management

Never make any mistakes again with extra expenditures and mistakes in calculating your budget. Will it not be better if the plans went according to your plan and you didn”™t have to recalculate and check from the top all over again to find the errors or to make sure you did not make any mistakes. Reach accountant suggested as one of the best billing software for bookstores will take care of all your expenses just enter your budget next to a column which will show your expenses or budget used. Thus you can track all your expenses and move accordingly.

  1. Accounting

This is the most important reason why you need to have a software to manage your store for you. Accounting is the most lengthy list that is maintained by a store, keeping account of each and every book in case of a bookstore. There will accounts of different categories inside your accounts and it is obvious that it gets complicated as to how you will manage all the accounts and make it a simpler process to keep accounts of everything. Reach Accountant makes it an easy process. All your accounts can be transferred from excel sheet easily and it will get stored in Reach, you can also access it from any place even when not in the store, since it is cloud based. With Reach your store won”™t have to face problems of errors in accounting or losing accounts.

  1. Inventory management

We are all very much aware of the phrases ”œout of stock” and ”œcan”™t find a certain book” in a bookstore. It only annoys your customer because they come to buy something eagerly and hearing that it is not in the store surely makes them feel unsatisfied and walk out to other stores.

Well, Reach will take care of that as well. Reach Accountant software allows you to enter the number of books name wise and genre wise as you wish. Thus you can track the number of a particular books being sold and store it back when necessary. You can also type in the name of the book and check its availability and where it is placed making it easier for you and the customer to find it.

   6. Bulk messaging

Save time and expenses by sending out bulk sms easily. Update your employees about any changes or new follow ups etc. Send out upcoming sales, offers, and news about new arrivals etc, to your customers with Reach Accountant make it spread faster and keep it simple.

  1. Lead management

Easily import your leads from google docs and get all their queries and messages in Reach Accountant itself. Reach allows you to sync your email accounts in it as well which makes it simpler for you to log in just one software and get access to your emails as well.

  1. Mobile app

As mentioned that Reach is accessible from anywhere, thus it is necessary that it is accessible from your mobile itself. Therefore you don”™t require a system to log in to Reach accountant. You can be in a different continent and still know what is happening in your store. You get all the updates in real time like a text in your phone arrives as soon as it is hit send. You know what books are being sold out, how the business is moving and all that you want to know about your store while you are on your vacation. Even better when you can track your employees and keep them under supervision even when you aren”™t around is it not? So Reach will also let you know if your employees are being resourceful or not. Every individual in the store from every department can have their own app and the accessibility is made limited so they stick to their tracks only and take care of their own departments also they don”™t have to unnecessarily go through everything which makes it simpler for them as well. All of this making Reach Accountant one of the best billing software for bookstores.


Why Reach?

Every shop or store needs a software that can maintain the accounts of the company. And there are many that are available in the market. So why Reach?

You take care of your store with all you can, you try to give it a better look, want better outcomes and it is your identity. Wouldn”™t it be an injustice if you didn”™t give it the best software that you can trust your store with to handle that is something so special to you.

Reach happens to be one of the best software you can trust your store with. Your accounts will be given bank level security with limited access and you can access it from anywhere. It will also manage your expenses your whole store in a bigger picture.

So for better outcome why not Reach Accountant.


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