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How to select best accounting software dealer in India


An accounting software is a program that has features that manages accounting, billing, payrolls, expenses etc. It basically manages your entire business and also helps your company have better business. There are many accounting software in the market that have been used by the companies and business for quite awhile. But getting just any accounting software might not benefit your business as it should. So it is necessary to know which is the accounting software that will help your business benefit from it.

While getting a software for your company you might like to do a little reading on which software will be right for your business.

a.) How long have they been in business

The older a business the more your trust it for example any kind of product be it cars, hair products, cell phones etc we trust in their loyalty towards the customers and their years of stand in the market. So in order to pick an accounting software you need to learn how long has it been since this software was introduced and how many users have used it, ratings etc. So you have a clear idea about it before you go ahead and purchase or sign up for it. Some of the software have been for over 15 years and 10 years so it is better to find out how they have made it this far and what their clients have to say about it. You can check all these in their website and find out more about them, some of those software are Marg, Reach Accountant etc.

b.) Support

A software with a support is a software that you can rely on. As you put your accounts in an accounting software and it has the records of your entire business so it is a must that you have a support and a back up. If you happen to have any system crash or loss of accounts you can always restore them if your software is a cloud based system.  But if your system is not cloud then you better have your accounts saved elsewhere as a backup. When you have issues or any doubts regarding the software if you have a support team it always feels like you have someone to rely on when you miss your way or have any trouble with the software. Hence its must to know if they have a support team to have your back.

c.) Do they offer options

A business gradually starts expanding and it will need its software system to expand along with it. But not every software system is expandable therefore it is necessary that you have a software that is expandable as your company develops. Along with being expandable it must be able to customize with your type of business so it is simpler for you to work with the software.

d.) Reviews

Here are few software that you would like to go through before selecting a software for your business:

Marg ERP

Marg erp software is rated 4.7 out of 5. It is a complete ERP solution for manufacturers, multi location business and sales to manage the entire company. It has more than 6 lakh users and was awarded Best Tech Brand award by economic times for fastest growing inventory and accounting software of the year 2015.

Tally ERP. 9

Tally ERP 9 is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. It is one of the most famous accounting among the business and it is available for multiple users but only 3 users. It is one of the oldest accounting software and is also the most commonly sued software among the companies.


Quickbooks received 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It is small business accounting software and has more than 1,397,000 users. It has received Awesome application award from the Steeler group and 2015 CPA award Practice Adviser Reader”™s choice award.

Reach Accountant

Reach received 5 stars out of 5. It is a complete package of an accounting software that handles your entire company, you can choose from its products that are POS, ERP, Accounting and CRM software. Reach is a cloud based software with over 1000 customers in 3 countries.


  1. Conclusion

As per the above qualities to look for and the ratings we can come to conclude that a software that you need for your company must be able to move along with your business. It must be trustworthy so you can store your accounts without any worries and it must have a backup, team support etc. The software that you select must also be able to benefit your business so you ca gradually increase the size of your business. It is possible if the software  manages your business from every side and gives you the updates of all the details daily in real time. No matter how many  branches or business in chains you have you must be comfortably able to manage it from anywhere so you have less work to do and more profit to collect. The ratings and the reviews can help as well.

Reach accountant is one of the best accounting software that helps you manage your accounts from anywhere you are, it manages your projects one by one making it a simple task. It tracks all your profit, projects and expenses keeping your business in a systematic order and all these even when you are not at your office, it supervises your entire company just as you want it and your accounts are secured with bank level security. Thus your business can grow smoothly and you get an easy way to gain more profit.

After reading the reviews do visit their websites and read more about Reach Accountant by clicking on Read more and Reach

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