New Feature I Mobile App to increase productivity of your Field Sales Team effectively

No more worries in tracking your field sales team. Reach CRM is a Sales Team Management App which makes it easy for you to track all your appointments and get updates of each appointment in real time from your Field Sales Executives. Your Field Sales Executives can know their daily schedule, manage their calander effectively, update call status, also send quotation and invoice to the client instantly from his/her mobile. The visit status gets updated automatically in the Reach CRM.

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Who can use Mobile Sales Team Management App:

Service Providers, Repair business, Traders and other business who use Field Sales Force to sell their products or services can get benefited by this mobile app.

How it benefits

The Business Owner

  • Improves productivity of your sales staffs
  • Increases Sales and Revenues

The Sales Manager

  • Gives control over executives
  • Increases the number of executives he can manage

The Sales Executive

  • Helps him be more organised with the calendar
  • Allows him to schedule appointments effectively
  • He can be sure of not missing any appointment
  • He can send quotes and Invoices instantly

How Sales Team Management App works?

How to get Sales Team Management App?

  • If you are an existing customer, All you have to do is to download ”œReach CRM” application from Google play store. Install it in the Android phone of your Sales Executives.
  • If you do not have an android phone, you can still use it through chrome web browser. This application will be synchronized to your existing Reach Automation Software easily.

Field executive: Field executive who has downloaded this application should use his log in id to access this application. Once he logs inside the application, he can view the calendar and know his appointments. This will contain the customer name, mobile number, date and time. Field Executive can update the customer status after meeting him as met, not met, met and postponed. Whatever the status updated here will be reflected in our software

Telemarketer: Once the Field executive updates the client status it comes into the ”œReminders” tab of the telemarketer. The telemarketer can view the status of the customer; amount finalized, and can also send quote/invoice immediately to the customer. This saves time as this happens without any verbal communication between the tele marketer and the field executive.

Sales manager: Sales Manager can know the field sales call status in real time. The Sales manager will be logging into the software and will be able to track each executive”™s appointments. This keeps him updated on the events happening on the field. He can also filter and view each executive”™s call outcome sitting in office.

To know more about the app or if you want help to install the app do visit

To view a demo video of how it works click here


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