Compare Tally accounting software

Compare Tally Accounting software Reach Accounting software

Tally and Reach are both one of the most commonly used accounting software, and here we are going to compare them based on their technology, features, price, accessibility, server and connectivity and service. Based on these an user can decide on which software will be beneficial for their business. While selecting a software for your business you must note that it is not just an accounting software but is also a complete business management system. A software that can take care of your management will build a smoother path towards profit and progress so to make sure you get what you need as a business person be very selective while choosing a software for your company. Read the reviews, get to know from their users and see their comparison with other software available and take a free trial if necessary and clear all the doubts and gain the details from the company itself.

Let us now look at the comparison of these two software Tally and Reach on some grounds.

1. Technology

Tally is an accounting software that manages the accounts, payroll, it is a complete business solution and Reach accounting software manages your accounts, payrolls and tracks all your expenses and your projects as well. Tally is technology that has been used for a long time while Reach is just 10 years old in the market but with more complicated system which makes your work simpler. Reach is also a cloud based software so all your accounts are saved in the cloud and hence you can restore them even if there are any system crash.


  1. Features

Tally manages all your accounts and your payrolls and can be used by three users while Reach can be used by as many users as you like, it lets you track all your expenses and manages each project separately. Reach also comes as a mobile app, so you can carry it with you anywhere you like.  


  1. Price

Tally is available for Rs. 18000 for a single user and Rs. 54000 for multiple users, Tally ERP is also available for free download but free download might not be very reliable as their are no backups, support or proper security and you don”™t want any intruders lurking into your accounts. Reach Accountant software starts from Rs.18000 but the pricing depends on the module or the product you choose from Reach Accountant. However, Reach is not available for free download but only free trial for 15 days. Click to learn more about pricing.


  1. Accessibility

When you can access your accounts from anywhere possible it makes your job much more simpler so it is important that your software is accessible from any location. Tally is accessible from your system and allows 3 users but Reach Accountant makes it simpler than Tally. It is accessible from anywhere you like, you could be on a vacation and still will be able to access your accounts without having to wait for accounts to arrive. You can also access it from your cell phone as it comes as a mobile app. So even if you might have 5 business places in different areas and states even countries you can still get your updates in your app in real time, which makes managing your business very simple and makes business happen faster for your company. Reach gives your accounts bank level security and also limited accessibility so that no one has the freedom to go through your accounts and you can maintain it under full security.


  1. Server and Connectivity

While using Tally you need a server for example with the help of a landline but Reach can be accessed by using the internet. So it is simpler to access Reach as you can just use internet and access it from anywhere.


  1. Service

Tally is made to manage your accounts, inventory and payroll and it helps you manage your business by looking after these departments. Reach is an accounting software that manages your entire company by tracking your projects, work progress, profit and manages your accounts, inventory, payrolls and expenditures. It is a complete package as it does not leave out any department and stores your business records no matter what the size is. It is a user friendly software as it customize with your type of business so you are comfortable to use it no matter what type of business you deal with.


Compare Tally accounting software

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