Best accounting software for service based business

Best accounting software for service based business that makes your service more satisfactory and your job easier.

The best accounting software for service based business runs your business faster and helps in its progress. It stores all the information in the cloud and lets you access it from anywhere.


Best accounting software for service based business


The services based business are usually based on satisfying the customers and they provide services like for example; mobile repairing services, car wash, packers and movers, house renovations etc. They are paid for their services and the services are provided by the experts or the professionals. The accounts of the services, the customers, the bills etc need a software that can handle this type of business.

Current scenario

The service based business have taken a huge leap with the time people are preferring more and more professionalism at every service that they are provided. As the work done by professionals have perfection and are done in a better or the right way. The business based on services are taking help from a software that keeps an account of its bills, customers, clients, services available and given etc.


Keeping track of your business can get tricky if it’s about services as you don”™t sell items. So the services must be kept in account, as to what services were provided, number of clients, regular clients and your business you need to have a solution for every issue in your business and control all over the business.


The service business needs a software that can make the services of your business better. And keep in account of all that happens in your service business. Reach Accountant is a software that makes every part of your service business simpler. It is an entirely cloud based software and gives your accounts stay accessible from anywhere but with safety and limited accessibility. (click on solution to read more)


Top reasons to buy

1. See project wise profitability

See which service is bringing more profit to your company or bringing more business for you on the dashboard as the work progress and the profit meter will calculate the profit for you. So it’s easy for you to know which project is more beneficial for your business.

  1. Billing based on completed task

For example you have a car repair service business, you can break down a project of repairing an entire car into smaller segments, like task 1 to clean and repair engine, task 2 to fit the windows etc and hence you can get your bills paid according to the completion of the task. So it is easier for you to manage your budget and expenses on the project.

  1. Managing expenses for every project

Manage your expenses easily with Reach Accountant, as it allows you to watch over your business expenses so that you don”™t walk different directions with your calculations. Your expenses can be tracked with Reach so you know here your expenditure is happening and how much is flowing out of your account , you remain updated in real time.


Features of the best accounting software for service based business

1. Project management

A project will need planning, calculation and several tasks under it. This needs a software that will handle the project step by step and from every side. So Reach Accountant is built for managing an entire project from beginning to the end. Project segments, expenses, tracking of all the work progress, reminders for due date etc. So you have very less left to worry about and hence Reach is considered as one of the best accounting software for service based.

  1. Invoicing

Your service business bills automatically are made into invoices with Reach Accountant. You can customize them with your company logo and tagline which will give more professional approach towards customers. And you can also choose your invoice from 20 different invoices.

  1. Expense management

Track all the expenses happening in your company from anywhere. Your expenditure and your budget will get updated as the expenses happen from your account and it will updated to you in real time. So you stay alert of your expenditures and if you are spending it right and why is your budgets being used if it’s being used by the company. There will be no miscalculations whatsoever because every penny deducted or used will be kept in account.

  1. Accounting

Keeping the accounts of everything in a business is a difficult task and there is a lot to keep in account in any company. That is the reason why accounting software is used for any business. In a service based business you need to keep accounts of your clients and your services, expenditures etc. Reach accountant is cloud based so your accounts are accessible from anywhere and there are no chances of losing accounts from system crash. It is stored with bank level security and gives limited access. (click on accounting for 15 days free trial)

  1. Inventory management

Your inventory could be stocked with the replacement parts of the servicing products, for example; cell phones, to change a screen etc. So you can always track your items in your inventory if they are about to run out of stock. The items that are available will automatically match up with items that left your inventory.

  1. Bulk messaging

Send out bulk messages to your employees and clients and save your expenses and time using the bulk sms system of Reach Accountant. Update your employees about the updates of the company and the work schedules and update your clients as their tasks and services are completed.

  1. Lead management

Manage your leads from your Reach account, move your leads from google docs and manage them from one software. It allows you to sync your email contacts in it, so you get your updates, queries and important messages in one account itself. There is no need to access other accounts so it is simple and saves time from your schedule.

  1. Mobile app

Reach Accountant is a software that is accessible from anywhere hence it is also a mobile friendly software. You can download a Reach accountant app that is as simple as any other app in your cell phone. It works just the same way it does in a system, but simpler to carry around with you wherever you go as it is in your cellphone. So you stay updated even when you are not around in your work area. Track your employees as well, as your employees can have their own app and every department have limited access, which is only in their area in the software so they can stay updated with their work as well.

Best accounting software for service based business

Why Reach?

There are many software that claim to be accounting software and they might serve the purpose. But to have a company rise with the help of a software takes another level of system that can take care of your company from every side.

Reach is an accounting software that will not only keep your company’s account in order but will also help you reach in every part of your business. With features like managing your expenses, real time update, accessible from anywhere, cloud based with very high level of security and work progress meter etc you can tell the progress that will happen in a business.

This states that Reach Accountant falls in the category of the best accounting software for service based business.

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