7 Scenarios when Smart CEO do not purchase Tally Accounting Software

Every business owner wants to be ahead of their competitors. Most of the decisions taken by them will be mostly to outsmart their competition. Given below are 7 Scenarios when you should avoid Tally Software purchase to stay ahead of your competition by smart choice of business software.

1. Get better business insights: Get various reports from across departments, branches or companies and compare performance. Analyze the reports and take corrective measures accordingly.

2. Manual to Automation: Most of the employee”™s time is spent on administrative chores. By automation you can help your employees to focus more on new strategies

3. Comply with government tax report requirements: By using Reach ERP you will automatically comply with tax requirements of government. The tax reports generated by the software is in accordance with the government requirements.

4. Auto import of Bank Transactions: Every time you get a credit in your Bank Account or any withdrawal is made from your account, that transaction is automatically imported from your Bank Account into the software application. The imported transactions are kept ready for reconciliation when you login.

5. Integration of business operations: All your business operations are integrated in one. You will know 360 degree level of operations and their output. This helps you in making major business decisions.

6. Open new channel of sales: With the inbuilt online store integration feature, it is easy for you to open an online store instantly. This will bring you a new channel of revenue.

7. Anytime Anywhere: With your data in the cloud it makes it lot easier for you to access data anytime anywhere. You need not worry about travelling away from business; you will still be able to track your business across the world real time.

8. Save Money: Since it is a cloud based application, you need not spend on the infrastructure and maintenance. This saves a lot of money generally spent on servers and maintenance.

9. Free SMS Integration: You can send sms to your customers every time you fix an appointment, raise an Invoice, acknowledge a Receipt or send delivery. This will make you look very professional in the eyes of your customer.

10. Order trackers: Reach software allows you to identify and convert the leads into orders and send quotes for requested orders. You can set delivery dates for the orders and automatically be intimated when the delivery is due.

11. Currency Conversion: When you raise Invoices to your clients abroad in currencies other than Rupees, It automatically converts into today’s buying rate and records as an accounting transaction. It saves you the pain of having to find the current rate and doing the currency conversion.

12. Manage Inventory Smartly: Protects you from pilferage of stock and keeps you in control of the stocks in hand. You will never miss out on expired goods and goods to be ordered next time.

I am a Chartered Accountant with 5 years of experience in both Consulting (KPMG) and Industry (Tapzo).

I am currently assisting various Organizations in understanding the impact of GST on their businesses to help them with a smooth transition.

Key areas of experience include:
– Developing SOPs and Process Implementation
– Identifying and Implementing Internal Controls as required by the ICFR Framework
– Training and Development of staff in various Finance/ Audit functions
– Statutory Audits

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