You can now run your payroll from Reach Accountant

You can now run your payroll every month in one shot from Reach Accountant. Reach Accountant provides you with some very helpful payroll management tools.

Here is what you can currently do:

  • When an employee joins, you can automatically design their payslips by just providing their annual salaries in reach accountant
  • Reach Accountant will automatically handle the deductions which they are subjected to.
  • Once in a month, you can enter their commissions and leave deductions
  • After this, you can now run the entire payroll by the click of a button. Running a payroll will send payslips in pdf format to all your employees and give you a monthly salary report in a flash.

The feature is currently on Beta and will be available for you to try from 20th Oct’ 2012. Please help us make this feature better by sharing your comments and suggestions .

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