Why you should upgrade from tally ERP 9.0 to Reach and not SAP?

Why you should upgrade from tally ERP 9.0 to Reach and not SAP?

ERP is a business management software that integrates all the modules for managing a business from every angle. It automates your business and connects all the departments making the workflow faster and also removes all the communication gaps. It is a complete solution for a business as it takes control of all the functions without the need of the owner to keep guiding and looking after the functions.

Tally ERP 9.0

It is an advanced but simple software that is designed to manage accounts of a business along with ERP modules. It is widely known for its simplicity and for being one of the oldest accounting software. Tally is developed mainly for accounting and management.

Its features include:

  • It is a complete accounting package
  • Allows you to create your own name for your accounting data
  • It is multi lingual
  • It provides a package of solutions
  • It can be used by both small and large business
  • Enables your business to work with multiple company
  • Provides information in real time

But as mentioned earlier Tally lacks behind in several fields that you require in a business. Especially it is  a package and not an actual ERP as it gives you only what it has in the box and has nothing else to offer and the cost of Tally is more than an actual ERP like Reach.

When do you require an ERP?

The huge business usually uses SAP, the small and medium business uses ERP and the micro business accounting software.

Reach is mainly built for small and medium business though it can also be used by a large company as Reach is flexible and customizes with any kind of business and its ERP provides a one stop solution to the business.

Why you should upgrade from tally ERP 9.0 to Reach and not SAP?

Reach ERP

Reach ERP is an advanced cloud based GST ready ERP built to meet the need of modern day business management. It is easy to use and is easily implementable. Reach ERP comes as a complete solution that can along with its features generate functions require for managing your business in an intelligent manner. It helps in tracking every action and expenses resulting in better decision making for your business.

Some of its key features are:

  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • POS
  • Inventory management
  • Expense
  • Purchase
  • Real-time update
  • Mobile app
  • Project management
  • Dashboard
  • API and much more


Why is a cloud ERP better than on premise ERP?

On premises

  • 9% software licenses
  • Customization and implementation 43%
  • Hardware 26%
  • IT personnel 14%
  • Maintenance 7%
  • Training 1%


On demand

  • 68% subscription fee
  • 32% implementation, customization and training


Before ERP VS after ERP


  • Complete request in excel
  • Print and sign
  • Finance approval
  • Manager approval
  • Manual entry in ERP
  • Purchase launched


  • No Reporting
  • No traceability
  • And no consolidation


  • Functions are automated
  • Automated integration with ERP
  • Purchased


  • Save time
  • Limit errors
  • Consolidate views

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is an external data storage where you can store your data and have an easy backup and enjoy more security and accessibility unlike system storage.

A cloud based software is safer as it helps is storing your data with bank level security, provides easier backup, costs less as it does not require server maintenance nor extra server setup and is accessible from any device and any location.

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