What does a small business need to know about having an ERP software?

What does a small business need to know about having an ERP software?

In many cases we see that people focus only on large business as they have more requirement due to the size of business when it comes to getting an ERP software. But what is not told is that small business is not too small to own an ERP software. In fact a small business needs an ERP software to grow faster and have a better business. What small business needs to know about having an ERP software is that, it is a business management tool and a software that improves your business and helps in faster expansion so for the growth and benefit of your business you need and ERP software. Handling a business is never a simple job and that is what ERP does, it simplifies your business bet it any size there is always an ERP for your business.

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is a software that is a complete solution for a business management as it does not handle one particular software unlike other software but it manages an entire business from all sides. It is a backbone of corporate scale businesses which keeps your organization in order and monitors all the departments of your business without you having to run from one software to other. There are several software for a small business as mentioned earlier and they are built specially for SMEs depending on the scale of a SME business.

A growing business is always in requirement for a boost and that can be done with the right management and ERP provides the fuel for the management in a business.

In a small business less number of employee are put to work in several departments and everyone does whatever they can to get the business going. There are often bookeeping, spreadsheets maintained for the accounts but how  much can you get done? There will always be some stress and load left as your business demands more and better business management. ERP provides smart and simplified management giving you a pat to focus on your business rather than only on managing it and your employees will also be able to relax and focus more on actual work that they are suppose to take care of.

Benefits of ERP software for a small business:

  1. Better decision making:

ERP software helps in better decision making with real time access to data. Your updates are provided to you in real time which allows you to guide your team and employees in case of emergency and also allows you to see what is going on and helps you change things in case it is required as soon as possible and much more.


  1. Transparency:

The transparency of every department is improved as you can see more of what is happening in your business with all the updates provided by ERP. The inventory level is kept under check, the employees can be tracked, your clients can be tracked, expenses, purchases, sales, etc. This way you always remain aware of what is happening in your business.


  1. Productivity:

Your business productivity gets increased as ERP accelerates the workflow of your business. Your staff can take care of their parts more easily as the ERP automates your business and there are no delays in any departments. Business gets simplified thus it gets easier to work and most of work is handled by ERP allowing you to have more sales increasing revenue, saving time and costs.


What decides that you need an ERP software?

  • Your inventory level needs to kept under watch but what if you cannot keep a proper track of it and you require a proper update on it. ERP can help you with this as it comes with inventory management module that will allow you to take care of your inventory, keep it organized and update you on daily basis.
  • If you are struggling to keep an account of all the departments. Your business requires to keep an account of everything that you do and that is not simple when you have several departments. ERP software allows you to track every departments providing you a report on everything
  • Your business needs to look after the budget as it is small and requires several ways to save as much as possible and ERP is an cost effective software as it will make sure that your costs are cut down and the business is managed in a smarter way.
  • Your business might have several software that takes acre of a business but that will create obstacles and consume more time in business process while ERP is one stop solution to all hence it will provide your business all that needs and you will be able to manage an entire business from one software.

Buying an ERP software can also be a tricky business as the market for software has been growing and there are several ERP software coming up in the market. The software that you need for your business does not always depend on what everyone is using. You will need to learn ab out an ERP software as much as possible and then short list the software that you think are suitable for your business and reach out to the vendors, take demos and decide.

Look for:

  • User friendly
  • Customizable software
  • Actual ERP and not a package
  • That integrates easily
  • Cost effective
  • Cloud based
  • Has high level security
  • Mobile friendly


Why Reach?

Reach is a cloud based complete ERP software. It customizes with your business with ease as it can be sued by any business. It is mainly built for SMEs therefore it is built for your type of business. Reach is extremely easy to use, can be accessed from any location and any device and comes with extremely high level of security that is equal to a bank level of security. It takes care of all the departments from A to Z, helps in taking better decision, reduces business cost and improves your business in all the way possible.


  • Dashboard
  • API
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • Real-time update
  • Bank synchronization
  • Multi company
  • Multi branch
  • Multi lingual
  • Expense tracking
  • Purchase order management
  • Mobile app
  • Auditor view
  • Addons, etc

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