Reach Accountant now available for iphone and ipad users

Reach Accountant users with an iphone or ipad  can now view key accounting information on the go with our mobile app.

All the features of our android app are available in the iphone.

Here is what it allows you to do:

  1. Check balances from multiple bank accounts before writing a cheque. (If you didn”™t know, we can auto-magically download your balances )
  2. Know Daily/Weekly/Monthly Revenues, Expenses and Profits in a Snap.
  3. Know how much is receivable and How much is payable by you.

It can also push notifications every time:

  1. An Invoice is due
  2. An Expense is due
  3. A Tax date is due.

You can download the App directly by navigating to the i-tunes Store and searching for ”œReach Accountant”

  1. In case you are using Reach Accountant already, you can Log-in with your username and password.
  2. In case you just want to play around with the app, you can do so with username: and pass: 123456

Whilst we are still working on getting the demo videos and other intro stuffs to send to current users, I look forward to your valued feedbacks and comments on what more needs to be inside the app and issues if any.

Thanks in advance. Happy Accounting.

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