Inviting Partnerships from C.A’s

We are looking at partnering with C.A’s  to help their clients do day to day bookkeeping and meet their tax compliance needs more easily. Reach Accountant is an Online Accounting Software which allows you to provide bookkeeping services to your clients and access their financial data and expense proofs using internet. You can consider us a good replacement to Tally and other conventional Desktop Accounting Software. (View Demo).

How it benefits you:

  1. The Partnership program gives you a online platform to manage daily bookkeeping of your clients.
  2. It helps to offer online bookkeeping services to your client.
  3. It helps you to additionally practice VAT and Service Tax.
  4. It acts as a good replacement to Tally.
  5. You will be listed as our Preferred Partner and so It helps you benefit by cross referrals.

How it benefits your Clients:

  1. It gives your clients a medium to store all their bills to face any tax scrutiny.
  2. It save money for your clients
  3. It helps your client file his VAT & Service Tax Returns before due date.

This is how it works:

  1. We will create an access for you and give you a user id/password.
  2. The access will have your company name and logo in all pages.
  3. You can create client accounts using your access.
  4. After creating client accesses, you can pass on the user id/password to your client.
  5. Your client can start uploading documents using his interface.
  6. Every time your client uploads documents, you will receive a notification.
  7. You will have your staffs to categorise the inputs looking at the document uploaded by the client.
  8. You and your client will be able to see all Accounting and Tax Reports

This is how you will make money:

  1. We will give you one free Account
  2. You can buy additional accounts in packs of 5 each from us for . Rs. 10,000/- (plus taxes)
  3. You can charge between Rs. 72,000/- to Rs. 3,60,000/- and more from your clients.
  4. You will make a minimum of Rs. 62,000 to Rs. 3,50,000/- on every lot you purchase per annum.

If this sounds interesting to you, Please Call me at 9841225544, I will first create a free account for you and then we can discuss this further in detail.

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