“Best Online ERP software is now looking for partners across India!!!!”

Best Online ERP software is now looking for partners across India

India”™s best online ERP software – Reach ERP is now looking for partnerships across India!!!

What will be the first word comes to your mind when you hear sachin and kambli or sachin and ganguly? Absolutely yes!! It is partnership. However we are not going to talk about the records they made but we are here to know about the benefits of partnership. Here we will be talking about the best Online ERP software is now looking for partners across India and why it will make a good partner.



The following are the common benefits of Partner Program:

Being a partner for a concern

  • You can earn additional Income
  • You can become an expert in your field of business
  • You can able to improve new skills and ideas
  • You need to share profit and loss
  • Need to invest more time & money

But when the partnership starts with REACH it gives you more than that”¦

Can”™t Agree? Continue to read:

Like any relationships, Reach Accountant partnership holds a great deal of promise, Trust, Sincerity and Honesty.

About Reach:

Reach is one of the best ERP software in India that provides business solutions for Small & medium sized enterprise. Reach Accountant software is a fast growing tech company that offers Best Online Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Accounting Software, Point Of Sale Software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for any type of business such as Sales & Service business, Service business, Trade & Distribution business, Retail business, Manufacturing business, Jewellery business, etc. Which is why the news of “Best Online ERP software is now looking for partners across India” is exciting and helpful as well.

Unique benefits of Reach Partnership:

Why to start?

In Reach partnership, there is a direct conversation and relationship between the efforts put by you as partners and reward. If the lead is managed efficiently, the reward will be in the form of more profit. For every successful sale Reach provides you 40% commission. In other words, Reach partnership is equally beneficial.

How to start?

Starting a partnership with Reach is very easy. A Simple phone call to 044-49272736 is all you have to do. No legal formalities required to become a partner with Reach.

Who to start?

For instance, if you are running a computer service center, you may have many customers approaching to you for service purposes. At some point if you come to know that they are in need of ERP Software or accounting software for their organization you can pass on their details to us. We will speak to them, give Demo etc and once the sale is closed you will get 40% commission for the sale.

Wait, we haven”™t finished yet!!!

Reach Partnership provides you the scope for association of persons with diverse skills and expertise. Partners having expertise and skills in different functional areas of business can be a ideal partner. This partnership can get you additional profits. All you have to do as a partner is to share your lead looking for an Online ERP solution.

Once the lead is confirmed, Reach account manager works closely with the lead and helps to close them. Installation and Training for the user will be done by Reach for the first 10 sales done through partners.

The price details of Reach software for different types of business are here 


Hence I hope by reading the above facts you are now clear about what a Reach Partnership actually means? For more details about Reach visit us here. To experience yourself get a free trial !!!.  or visit www.reachaccountant.com

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