“Move from QuickBooks to Reach ERP – 4 reasons why you should”

QuickBooks  provides business solutions in accounting and billing part where as Reach ERP – one of the best ERP software in India centralizes the whole business process that includes accounting, billing, Email synchronization, Leads, Sales, purchases, and even more. In our previous article we saw about “how Reach ERP software simplifies the work of a sales manager”. In this article we will see on why to make the change from QuickBooks to Reach ERP software.

In this 21st century, Technology has improved and developed a lot; from a typing keyboard to touch screen, from a basic phone to an iPad/iPhone, from a basic accounting software to a ERP software.Now-a-days the scope of ERP has increased a lot because ERP software integrates and automates your entire business in an efficient and effective manner in every sector like leads, Emails, Repair, Jobs, Income, Expenses, etc. This cannot be achieved with a QuickBooks accounting software which does only Billing, Accounting, Invoicing, online banking.

Hence by implementing a best ERP software to your organization make your work process entirely different from other ERP non-users. On taking this into consideration the demand of ERP software has increased in market. Among the various ERP providers, Reach ERP software prevails to be one of the leading best online software in India with various smart and advance features.

Reach ERP- the best online ERP software is best of both worlds by its vast advantages and applications which ready-madly suits for different types of business processes, to name a few:

  • Sales & Service business
  • Trade & Distribution business
  • Retail business
  • Service business
  • Manufacturing business
  • And beyond

How Reach ERP stands Unique when compared with Quickbooks:

Reach ERP software ”“ one of the best ERP software in India that designed with robust technology with a full complement of capabilities to run a business smoothly and successfully. Reach ERP software is a pre-customized software and a user friendly one which you can simply buy and use without further customization.

Reach ERP is a best online based software includes three more integrated business application types such as Accounting software, Point Of Sale software (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which addresses each and every basic and advanced need of the organization.

When compared with other ERP software, Reach ERP software provides you door step support, online and on phone business solutions as when needed and also ensures life-time service for customers. You can even try the software by yourself with your own data which gives you a clear idea on which module of Reach software suits best or your organization.

Let”™s see in detail how Reach ERP works best for businesses:


1)  Reach ERP helps to keep your head above water:

No matter whether your organization is Sales based, Service based, Jewellery based or manufacturing based, Reach ERP software best suits and addresses each and every department and gives you a powerful solution to deal with a difficult situation, not only in financial & accounting but to solve Stock, Tax, Audit tools and Inventory problems.

2)  Reach ERP helps to acheive your goals:

The best ERP software”“Reach helps to carry on everything to achieve your business goals. For e.g. the success of the sales & service business relies not only on managing the leads but in various other sectors such as Emails, Repair, Income, Expense and Accounts & finance. It is very difficult to manage all these above mentioned issues with simple QuickBooks software which works only on accounting part. So Reach ERP software is a wise and apt choice for them to have.

3)  Reach ERP software takes you long way:

Reach ERP software takes you long way by increasing the profit not only in the present but also for future. To help small & medium sized enterprises that compete with large scale enterprises, Reach ERP software– a powerful online based software in India is available in affordable price. With Reach ERP software you will able to manage all your Emails, Leads, Accounts, Reports, Income, Expenses, Purchases, Stocks, Tax, Branches, Quality control, Warehouse, barcode, billing and Customer Relationships and etc.

4)  Reach ERP get it out of our system:

Best ERP software –Reach software is now also available through Mobile app where you will be able to check and be updated of daily activities even in your absence. With Reach ERP software you don”™t have to wait for the concerned person to intimate you. For e.g. If you are business owner who is in abroad, to raise a purchase order or to approve something you have to wait for a intimation from a respective person, but with Reach ERP Mob app you will be able to make appropriate decisions and approvals from your finger tip.


Got clear on why you should adopt from QuickBooks to Reach ERP software?? Hence I am sure you will definitely make your switch to Reach ERP. For more details on Reach ERP software visit us. Want to experience yourself more? You can have a free trial here!!!

I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.

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