Software for architects with GST

Software for architects can also be used for the structural Consultancy Services which is the key part of construction process. It is necessary to provide service from programming to final completion in Construction projects. Software for architects with GST will assist you in all steps of job completion.


The first thing to notice that the structural engineers have to work both in office and the construction site or may also be split their time in both the contexts. You can”™t take your desktop or laptop to all the sites you are visiting. So, just think about it that how would it comfort you if the software supports you from your Smartphone itself and makes you smarter than your competitors. Location can be varied, including work in the metropolitan and rural environment and also depending on the size of the project you have to work for both long and short duration. You can’t change the software for each and every site. You have to select software which supports your entire project site perfectly. Due to this you may be able to beat your leading persons in the field within a short duration.

Software for architects make Communication better

Before work can begin, structural engineers are involved in the investigation and survey of build sites to determine the suitability of the earth for the requirements of the upcoming project which can be easily noticed and processed using the Software for architects. Structural engineers are required to coordinate and consult with other members of their projects, including engineers, environmental scientists, architects and landscape architects. They may also be required to assist government bodies in their own inspections relating to the project. So it is very important that your Software should allow you to share your project details with your trusted contacts. Using the Software you can create separate user id for the each person according to their role and also privately access it through the password. You scheduled meetings date time venue can be alarmed.


Not only for project structural engineers are responsible for the quality of the equipment and products need for the construction project and of course about their delivery status so that the work won”™t be delayed. They have to employ minimum 3 people to check out all these details or else they can go for a better option of using a Software for architects which reminds you all the details not only from the sales order to Installation but also reminds you of the expiry date and the serial or barcode number along with the person who is operating the equipment. Using this Supervision and management of onsite labor can also be achieved.

Cost Consultants

It includes recording and monitoring variations to the contract, and ascertaining the costs involved. You”™ll need good knowledge of different types of contracts and the demands of each. The amount of time you spend on this can vary from a week working on an interim valuation to a couple of hours a day updating a list of variations. Compiling monthly reports to show the progress of a project surely will create a head ache. You have to take a look about the recording costs incurred and future costs, producing summaries showing monies coming in and going out, monitoring risks, and reporting on factors likely to affect profitability. You will need to organize record keeping, understand cost control and monitoring, and make decisions that affect profit and loss. Cost reports can take two to three days to produce. But with Software for architects with GST you can manage all these with minutes of time. Your accounts and tax can be automatically calculated and reports can be generated regularly

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