Software for Interior Decorator with GST for India


Growth of the home decor market crown shows no sign of slowing down. The focus on digital textile printing is continuously rising due to the increasing demand of the customers. So companies have to show them wider selection of as well as customized products. Startup must need an Software for interior decorators with GST to handle the mass customization and even the running also has to use the Software for interior decorators to expand their business

Business Model

Building a new home and getting the interiors done in one”™s style is always being fantasy in everyone”™s life time. Providing that certain product and style based on your customer new flooring or window covering needs can be a tiring and daunting experience so it is important to keep the records very clear so that the work can”™t be regret later. ERP Software for interior decorators help ease the experience through the entire process from choosing that perfect flooring material that fits your customer needs along with full installation services. It also examines how a few significant players in the home building and decor segment have been working towards providing complete solutions to customers, instead of just selling those products.

Inventory Management with Software for interior decorators

ERP Software not only keeps records about the designs and also about the samples, package and stock details of mass merchants. It also helps to manage the unique handwork of beading, embroidery, weaving in silks, velvets and other materials for designers. Managers can easily review the product lines and the list of each product in stock can also be found out directly from the dashboard. As soon as the sales order is placed the software itself checks for the items in stock. If the stock is not sufficient then it automatically raises the purchase order. Quality checking can be done before purchasing and before delivering the product.

Handle with Care

Handle with care not only the items but also the data. It will be much confusing if the details are being maintained in the excel and spreadsheets. there will arouse some problems if you copy and paste data from one system to another and also from a database to another database. it is not good to share the confidential issues with everyone using the system. ERP Software for interior decorators will help you to rectify all your problems about data integrity and data privacy services. separate user ids will be provided with required access and you can secure your access with password. Head of the project can manage all the details. there you can maintain a healthy relationship between the employers so that one cannot interfere in others work.

Trade Online

Make your trade online through the secured paypal gateway. be sure to have no merchant site while making transactions through the erp software. make your customer’s bill payment through the erp software so that the transactions id can be maintained for time which will be helpful to solve transaction details that you are collecting the month end and yearly to provide the tax and accountancy problem. you can have a clear vision between your interbranch transactions, intercompany transactions and external Transactions.

Software for interior decoratorsInstant Accountancy

The ERP Software for interior decorators helps you to calculate the discount, applicable tax, shipping charges, and other applicable bills while making the invoice. it reminds you of the due date and the bill payment date. you can easily find your pending customers and easily calculate the amount to be paid. it facilitates you to pay the tax at time and also the details can be secured. partnership details can be divided equally as per the company policy and the software helps you manage with all kinds of company policies.


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