Billing software for fashion boutique with GST

The clothing trend running into actions and methods which includes developing outfits for the large number in specified time. On industrial basis you have to use billing software for fashion boutique for certain areas or sequence through which garments are manufactured. Garment manufacturing includes number of processes from order receiving to dispatching shipment of the finished garments which can be done effectively using the ERP Software.

Pre- production process

Planning, sampling and material sourcing are the pre production process involved in the garment manufacturing industry. When placing the sales order ERP Software automatically asks for the pattern design, material size, Sketch, number of items in place of the merchandising department. Once it gets approval from the merchandising department ERP Software checks for the items in stock at the inventory. If there”™s any excluded items then ERP Software automatically raises the purchase order. If the stock is sufficient then the systems automatically asks for the production of sample from the sewing unit and forward the quote to the client. If the client approves the quote then the ERP System automatically calls for the pp meeting. If the Client is satisfied then the order gets confirmed and Production Process Starts.

Production Process 

Pattern production process can be done by both Manual and CAD/CAM Methods as per the company policy and it have been updated in the ERP Software by the respective employee. It can be easily stored and modified at any time during the production process. billing software for fashion boutique is also providing the options for the allowance which are different for different fabrics and patterns. Pattern grading by manual method is a cumbersome task because the grader has to alter the pattern on each and every point from armhole, to neckline, sleeve cap and wrist etc. It is best to use ERP Software so that you alter the values according to the product Details. After Grading ERP Software reminds the quality checking so that repairs can be can be done to get the qualified product.

Post Production Process

It Involves Shipping, dispatching, invoice, billing and the requirement details about the product delivery like communication address, contact number and so on. Before Delivery there”™s an inspection about the product quality there is a manual verification about the details entered in the software and the respective goods are same or not should be checked out by the person. The software itself mails and text the customer about the product delivery date and time. It automatically raises the invoice before or after the delivery according to the garment industry privacy.

Trade Online

You can make the trade online by carrying the transactions through the secured PayPal gateway provided in the software and you can also make your customers transactions more easy by the way of online through your website and the detail got automatically entered on the ERP Software so you can check details anytime anywhere. You may provide the discounts to your regular customers. While preparing the invoice billing software for fashion boutique provides various options for tax, travel allowances, Package charges, Shipping Charges, any other extra charges according to the company policy. There”™s no need to an accountant to checkout your account details since the software itself checkout all the transaction details and reminds you of the tax payable date to avoid penalty.

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