Why SMEs should choose Reach ERP software over other ERP Software

Starting a business can be both exciting and also stressful, but once you get an idea of starting a business, you need to concentrate on all aspects such as what your business is all about?  What is your focus?  Who are all your customers? Who are all your competitors? How will you differentiate yourself from others? How will you manage your accounts, sales, customers, scheduling, orders, production, income, purchases, expenses, inventory etc.?

To automate all these process, you need separate software for every function. Maintaining separate software for each and every process is an annoying job and it makes life tougher. To carry on each process we need more man power, for e.g.  You need an accountant to manage all your accounts, then an auditor to audit it.

This led to the evolution of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. ERP system is a business management tool/software which is a suite of integrated applications that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data of the business activities. The beauty of ERP system is that it is a single software application that unites all the individual department functions of the organization as one and also saves time and money.

Taking this into account many software companies came out with various ERP products. Among them Reach ERP is one of the leading online ERP system in India.

Reach ERP system ensures that the entire business process, whether it is sales related, purchase related and accounts related, are up-to-date which gives the ease to business owners to quickly identify areas of strength, as well as spot the pending problems before they reach a critical stage.

The Reach ERP system will help you to navigate this process and set you on the course to a successful and profitable business and also gives you a comfortable access.

There are many advantages when you use Reach ERP systems for your business. Here are just a few:

  • The best part about Reach ERP system solutions is its robust technology.
  • Gives complete visibility for all the importance processes, across various department of an organization.
  • Reach ERP system helps you to see the key statistics of your business at any time.
  • Ensures smooth workflow from one department to another.
  • Gives the point of control to the manager where he can view overall report of                                 his business.
  • Maintains accounting, analytics, data tracking and everything else combined into one system.
  • Reach ERP system helps the employees to do their tasks in a minimal time
  • Reach ERP system  enables to perform your day-to-day tasks and duties with ease.
  • Mobile Apps are also available in Reach ERP system that helps the owners, Sales Executive, Service Engineers to manage his work efficiently at the comfort of his mobile phone.

Reach ERP system has many features such as:

  • Dashboard Management:

Dashboard is a screen that compiles the overall performance of the organization in one place. This gives the ease for the manager to verify the unfinished tasks and to keep track of it.  You will be able to approve things online easily. You will also be able to know the top customer; best sales executive, top lead source and also the top selling product automatically. No matter where he is, he can check the overview of profit and loss of his organization everyday by using Mobile Apps.

  • E-Mails Management :

In Reach ERP system you don”™t want to have tension in viewing your official mails by signing your personal account separately. Reach ERP system  is designed and synchronized in a way where you can not only view but also help you to carry out various processes like divert the mails to the concerned department. You can also send bulk messages and bulk mails at the same. All these facilities makes you work as easier as possible and also to save your time.

  • Lead Management:

It”™s the place where you can view all your new leads where you can go through, call the customer and note the status of the customer.

  • Income Management:

In the Income tab you will able to view the pending Income, Invoices, sales orders to be done, the details of the credit and to go through the daily reports.

  • Expense Management :

In the Expenses column you will be to find the pending accounts of the expenses, what are the things to be purchased, bill of the order, payment and also the details of the debits.

It”™s a screen where you will be able to journals which will give you the details of the un-tally accounts, reports and details of Bank to Bank transactions, Receipts payments and to view the overall accounting reports.

  • Report Management:

It”™s the screen where you will find the details of the every nook and corner of your organization where you will be able to view the everyday credit and cash transactions, details of all the accounts pending expenses, summary of the state of affairs, reports of the sales done, Tax collected, stock reports.

Apart from Reach ERP system comes loaded with lot of other unique features like Auto SMS, Auto Email, Bank Synchronization, Account Freeze, and Recent Activities to name a few. It is also a ready to use ERP software for businesses like Sales & Service, Service, Retail, Trading & Distribution and Manufacturing.

To get your Free Demo of the Software you can visit our page at ERP system Demo or Call us at 9841225544

I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.

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