What are the disadvantages of ERP software free download?

What are the disadvantages of ERP software free download

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) this software is a complete package of software that comes as a separate product. It is a complete solution of business management. ERP can help your business derive significant benefits from it, if it is implemented correctly and utilized in the right way. The costs of ERP software are high, hence the open sources provide free downloads and the business owners tend to rely on these for nothing is charged by these sources.

But these open sources comes with heavy drawbacks that you should be aware of. These are not simple disadvantages as they can affect your business process and your entire business in a major way.

Here are the disadvantages of ERP software free download

  1. Risk

It can be prone to many risks as it is not a trusted source. An open source just lies online are bound to rely and trust on them putting all your data in it. Your business data and information cannot be put in a software without any proper security. It is easy to hack a sofwtare as such as you will not have any proper security to keep away hackers and unauthorized access. Business owners have delicate information stored in the software which can be accessed by employees and anyone can turn out to be a fraud therefore you require a proper security system. Also it is not best to depend entirely on it because you can never tell when the software might start causing your troubles and your entire data can go missing without any backup and alternate storage. For this reason, you might have to store your data separately which is just extra work load for you. You also require to get an anti-virus separately for your sofwtare so you do not have any risk of viruses and still it wouldn”™t be hundred percent safe as anyone can access your software at work hence anyone will be able to manipulate it and cause trouble to your business.


  1. Support

You might have downloaded for free but what now when you have technical issue. The vendor is not to be trusted or at times you are not sure who the vendor is and where you will get your help from. It is a sofwtare and it will tend to face problems at times you might not be sure how to proceed with and that will leave you with no other option but to either find a find software or call and It person to help you with the technical issues.

At times your vendor might also close his company and that will leave you stranded in between. Your issues will go unattended and you will have no one to turn to when you need help.


  1. Maintenance

An ERP software free download will require maintenance and that will make it difficult for you as your will require to manage your server which will cost you extra. Although it is a free software it will be difficult for you run your business with all these maintenance charges that you will require to pay for. At times you will need someone from an IT company to keep your sofwtare under check for the cost of smooth running of your business. You will need to keep updating your software as it will have no auto update.




Reach ERP software

Reach ERP is one of the most reliable software that you will come across. It is an online ERP software that helps you in managing your business from all the sides. It is user friendly and can customize with your business easily. Reach ERP is not a free ERP download software but it is cost effective and using it will tell you why ERP sofwtare for free download is not a right option of your business.

Here are the features of Reach ERP software:

  • Dashboard
  • API
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting
  • POS
  • CRM
  • Bulk SMS and email
  • Project management
  • Bank synchronization
  • Operation and process management
  • Multi lingual
  • Multi branch
  • Multi company
  • Mobile app
  • Addons
  • Sales
  • Purchases, etc

Here are the reasons why it is one of the best software and a better option than ERP software for free download:

  1. Security

Security is a must in any business and Reach is ever ready to provide it. It helps you manage your business in the safest way with bank level security which comes with 256 bit encryption. It also comes with free anti-virus therefore you have no worries about any virus attacks. Reach allows you to restrict certain areas within the software as you like so your employees cannot access your confidential data.


  1. One stop solution

Most of the ERP software you will find are rigid packages but not an actual ERP thatcannot provide you all you want. While Reach can provide you all the solution from just one place as it integrates all the other software and provides several addons like payment gateways, google docs, calendar etc.


  1. Support

Reach has support for you throughout and any technical issues you face Reach will have your back. In case of serious matters Reach will send you a technical support to your office and your problem will be dealt with. It has been around for more than 10 years hence you can rely on Reach as it will not leave you midway.


  1. Accessibility

Reach is a cloud based software hence it is accessible from anywhere. Reach is mobile and any device friendly like tab, iPads, etc. This way you can watch over your business from anywhere anytime and have everything under your control. It also makes it easy for you to manage multi business and branches easily so you do not require to visit all the offices frequently.


  1. Better decisions

Reach ERP is an intelligent software, it automates your business, tracks all the departments and processes. Thus it helps you in making better decisions. This way you can always make better choices for your business. It updates you with real time updates so in case you want to make any emergency decisions you can do it instantly without having to wait for your employees to get the information as you and your employees stay on the same page hence everyone stays informed.


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