New Feature Update : ACCOUNT FREEZE Protection from altering accounts after returns are filed.

We decided to make it easy for you to protect your accounts from users who might unknowingly enter transactions earlier to the current date without your permission and so we have introduced a new feature ”œ THE ACCOUNT FREEZE”

 Why this is important:

  • To prevent users from entering transactions in the period for which returns have already been filed.
  • To prevent users from altering transactions after they have been reported to you
  • To do a year end account freeze after Audit is completed

 How to freeze accounts:



  1. Go to settings
  2. You will find a tab called Security Measures
  3. Click on Freeze entries
  4. Enter the date till which you would like to freeze transactions
  5. You can unfreeze them later

Further help?

In case you have queries or need some assistance in activating this feature, Call us at 044-49272723.

To Try a demo, Click here

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