How to Choose the Best ERP Software for your Manufacturing Company

What features to look for before making a choice of ERP software for your  company.

Making a choice of Best ERP Software package for your  company is many times a irreversible decision. Its important for you to know what features to look for, what budget to allot, what reports to expect, which ERP vendor products to compare before making a choice


See How a Best ERP Software works:

Features to Look for:

Manufacturing Planning

Manufacturing Planning refers to the ability plan the production for the next month by estimating the current production requirements and the sales estimate for the next month. Planning the production ahead is important to be able to procure the raw materials well in advance and produce without time delay due to non-availability of raw materials and resources

Quality Control

Controlling the quality of the raw materials which goes into production and the output which is yielded out of every process is a key feature of every manufacturing software. Rating the output helps the manufacturing companies to deliver standard quality output with every product run.

Waste and Yield Management

The ERP software should allow pre-setting yield and measuring the output against pre-set values every time a production batch is run. Similarly the scrap/ waste percentage needs to be set ahead and the software should be able to account the wastage stock.

Manufacturing Inventory

The Manufactuing ERP software should be able to manage raw materials, Work in progress and Finished Goods stock and should be able to generate a missing items report easily.

Batch Control

Every manufacturing batch should be marked. This is an offshoot of the Quality control process. The ERP Software should allow tracking of the production run, quality check reports and other key billing info to be able to call back the entire batch if a defect is identified.

Store Management

Every Manufacturing ERP Software should have enough functions to manage your store. The store manager should be able to track the incoming and outgoing shipments and be able to understand what needs to be issued for production.

Supply Chain Management

The Manufacturing ERP should be able to manage your dealers, Sales men and help you understand the production requirements for the next month. Taking orders and shipping accordingly should take place seamlessly.

Web-based ERP

The software should be web-based and preferably on the cloud. Its important to exchange information realtime and being web-based allows all your users to access the information realtime. The Cloud ERP gives the advantage of low upfront cost and is scalable

Online Accounting

Accounting is a integral part of the Online ERP software and the ability to prepare accounts along with filing VAT Returns, Service Tax Returns, Excise etc is critical to making your choice of online ERP software.

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