Which is the cheapest GST online accounting software in India?

Which is the cheapest GST online accounting software in India?

Reach accountant GST ready

Reach is an online accounting software that is GST ready. It can be used for all sizes of business. It can be access from any location and allows multi branch access and operation easily. It tracks your day to day expenses, sales, purchases, etc.  It is an online software hence it is cloud based and saves all your data in the cloud providing maximum security as much as 256 bit encryption with bank level security.

Reach manages your invoices, employees, sales, payrolls, billing, accounting, inventory, etc.

Investing on software like Tally is only going to cost you more and yet not provide you with enough functions and benefits.

Investment required: 

Add: Additional Cost of Server Rs. 50,000 FREE
Add: Additional cost of Anti-virus Rs. 10,000 FREE
Add: Cost of Network cables Rs. 20,000 NOT NEEDED
Add: Additional cost of Static IP Rs. 12000/ YEAR NOT NEEDED
TOTAL COST/ BRANCH Rs. 1,46,000 Rs. 48,000

Cost of upgrading from Tally to Reach:

Cost of Repair, Maintenance and Replacement of Server Rs. 10,000 FREE
Cost of 200 SMS every day for transactions Rs. 21,900 FREE
Anti-Virus Software @ Rs. 5000/- per computer Rs. 25,000 FREE
Static IP Cost Rs. 12,000 FREE
Upgrades and Renewals of current software Rs. 5,400 Rs. 9,600
TOTAL COST PER BRANCH Rs. 74,300 Rs. 9,600

Incremental  revenues by upgrading from Tally to Reach:

By Integrating with e-commerce website 0 10% of Sales
By Sending Weekly Promotional SMS to all the customers 0 15% of Sales
By providing timely delivery of Sales Orders 0 2% of Sales
By creating additional revenue pool of Servicing and AMC business 0 15% of Sales

How  will you know what you require in provided by our software?

We provide 15 days free trial so you learn how our software works an if it is suitable for your business. This way you will be able to tell if our software has all that your business requires. We also allow added features in case you require any and there will be no charges unless it is a unique feature that only your business will be requiring.


Reach saves all your data in the cloud hence you have an easy backup in case your system crashes as the data is backed up regularly every 3 hours.  Our software sends an OTP every time the software is logged in from any other outside device. You stay updated with all your data as it is emailed to you on the daily basis.

Reach also provides bank level security, it has 246 bit encryption, firewall protection and rack-pace hosting. Although Reach is easily accessible from anywhere and allows multiple users it care about the owner”™s privacy, hence, it comes with accessibility restriction menu so you can restrict certain areas within the software for more privacy.


Reach is one of the best online accounting software provided by the industry and it can be used by every sort of business like retailers, restaurants, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, rentals, repair shops, etc.

We have over 1000 customers and 27 different verticals and Reach is being used in 3 countries.

Why should you consider moving from Tally to Reach accounting GST ready software?

  • Reach software helps in updating the stock level, cash, and other data in real time
  • Has a an easy backup and protection from hard disk crashes, virus attacks and unauthorized access
  • Access reports and information is sent to your mobile and also as it is mobile friendly you can easily access it from your cellphone.
  • Manages your sales team, logistics, billing, purchase, manufacturing with aligned workflow
  • Multiple employee access at the same time


The above benefits cannot be enjoyed when you are a Tally user. Even after Tally being more expensive it lacks in many important features and functions.


Why should you upgrade from a desktop software to a cloud software?

  • There is no cost for repair, maintenance, purchase and replacement of server. As Reach also comes as a free software.
  • There are no cost of salary and retainership of an IT admin to manage downtime
  • No extra cost of firewall, virus protection and other security protection as Reach provides all of it from its own side
  • There are no risk of losing data as it has easy backup as it is cloud based.
  • We provide 99.9% uptime and uninterrupted access


Why should you purchase Reach ?

  • Reach comes in a low and affordable price
  • You do not require to spend much time in getting ready as we will be setting it up for you and it is user friendly hence the implementation period will also be shorter
  • Unlike your own software or others it will not disappoint you as it is guaranteed that it will work
  • There is a high chance of the vendor quitting midway but Reach will assure you safety
  • We have full support team for the clients hence if there is any issue it will be taken care of immediately


Why should you purchase Reach and not SAP?

  • Reach is 20 times cheaper than SAP
  • Reach is user friendly
  • It customizes with your business
  • Has a very low cost for renewal and support unlike SAP
  • The market focus of Reach is small and medium business

Which is the cheapest GST online accounting software in India?

For 15 days free trial of Reach GST online accounting software click on>> Demo

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