Why every business is moving towards Cloud Accounting Software?

Cloud Accounting Software is catching up fast in every business. The reason being it is cost effective, reliable, portable, and simple as well. Cloud makes your business data available anytime anywhere. This makes the owners life easier as they can spend their time more productively in scaling up the business. Cloud accounting also reduces your cost on server maintenance, data backups, and software license. What makes it more interesting is, it works like something which we all use in our daily life. Say for instance, you can access your data anywhere just like how we access our Gmail account, anytime like Whatsapp and in any device like Facebook. The best part is all you need is just a browser with internet connection.


Learn Why you have to Upgrade to Cloud Accounting Software:


Benefits of using Cloud Accounting software:

As mentioned earlier, the benefits for moving to the cloud platform is immense. The major benefits of being in cloud is listed below for your understanding

  • Scalability of your business will never be a constraint in a cloud environment.
  • Data backup becomes automatic in a cloud scenario.
  • Anytime anywhere accessibility gives you lot of freedom for remote operations or outsourcing.
  • Cloud based services are subscription based making it economical in terms of cost
  • Accessibility in devices like mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop makes it user friendly.

The only thing which you will have to keep in mind before choosing cloud accounting software is whether it can suit your business or not. There are so many cloud applications available at different prices in the market. But as a business owner you will have to select the best cloud accounting software that is tailor made as per your business requirement.

You can consider a cloud accounting software like Reach Accountant which has been customized according to the type of business. Reach Accountant has modules for Service business, Sales & Service Business, Retail Business, Trading & Distribution Business and Manufacturing Business. To know more about it you can visit www.reachaccountant.com


I am a Chartered Accountant with 5 years of experience in both Consulting (KPMG) and Industry (Tapzo).

I am currently assisting various Organizations in understanding the impact of GST on their businesses to help them with a smooth transition.

Key areas of experience include:
– Developing SOPs and Process Implementation
– Identifying and Implementing Internal Controls as required by the ICFR Framework
– Training and Development of staff in various Finance/ Audit functions
– Statutory Audits

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