Consignment Inventory Software for Jewelers

Consignment Inventory Software for jewelers who would want to manage their Consignment Sales and Inventory




  • Consignment Sales
    • If you are selling jewels on consignment and have to manage billings, returns and inventory held on consignments, Reach Accountant can help you with that. You can manage consignment bills, look up to consignment bills when you do a final bill and also manage returns.
  • Consignment Sales Return
    • Its easy to manage consignment sales return when you are doing the final billing. The software automatically pulls down the products which were sold earlier on consignment.
  • Convert Consignment to Bills
    • When doing the billing,  you can convert the consignment bills to tax invoices without having to duplicate the entire transaction again. The software list down the products sold on consignment earlier and helps to bill them directly.


Who can use Consignment Inventory Software





    • Shop (one user, Rs. 1250/- pm)
    • Store (3 users, Rs. 2500/- pm)
    • Showroom (unlimited users, Rs. 3500/- pm)

    Next Steps

    1. Take a demo of all the above software

    ( Click Here For a Demo of reach accountant, you can call 9566023463 or visit Reach Accountant and Chat with an Expert)

    2. Evaluate what suits you best
    3. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
    4. Buy the software


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