How to e-file your GST returns using a GST software?

How to e-file your GST returns fast using a GST software?

GST (Goods and service tax) it can only be filed online and hence you need to learn how to e-file your GST returns. Reach GST Software can help you file all the GST Returns fast with little effort. It helps you raise GST Invoices, Adjust GST input and Inward Supplies and e-file to GST Server.













Let us first look into what is GST return filing

The GST return filing depends on the amount of revenue collected by your business and if your business falls in the compulsory niche of business. The filings that will be collected by GST e-filing are that all tax payers will have to pay three monthly returns, one quarterly return and one annual return. Job works and ecommerce companies will have to file one additional return every month.

GST implementation has gone live on July 2017 completely filtering India’s indirect tax system. GST registration has become a must for all the companies that are involved in buying and selling or delivery of services. The business that exceed 10 lakhs per year will have to register in GST in north eastern and hilly regions while it will be 20 lakhs for rest of the country. The entities having GST registration would be required to file GST returns, GST returns filing would be mandatory for all GST registered entities irrespective of any activity or sale during the return filing period.

The registration holders will have to file GSTR-1(details of outward supplies) on the 10th of each month, GSTR-2 (details of inward supplies) on the 15th of each month and GSTR-3 (monthly return). The tax payers would be required to file GSTR-4 every quarter on 18th of the month next to the quarter. And, annual GST must be filed by all GST registered entities on or before 31st of December. Certain business will stay out of it while there are others who are to register on compulsory basis.


Procedure of GST e-file step by step

According to the GST regime every business will have to file three returns every month and they are GSTR1, GSTR2 and GSTR3. Unlike the current practice returns will have to be filed electronically only hence it will be called GST e-filed which can be done though a software by accessing a GST portal and a GST ready software makes it easier to manage a business.

First you will help to declare your supplies only and the input for purchases are automatically calculated based on your vendor’s submissions. This means if your vendor fails to declare your sale you will be denied credit to that transaction.

The government has passed the list of follow up on GST return filing to the tax payers at self by this:

  1. 10 of every month you will declare your sales in GSTR1
  2. Between 11th to 15th your purchase will get auto populated and you are allowed to make correction sin GSTR 2A
  3. On 20th the auto populated GSR 3 will be available for filing and payment.

How can we simplify the process of filing returns under GST?

GST payments will have to be paid digital only and hence would bring a wide spread option of technology. Business with multiple branches will have to adopt a wiser technology to facilitate branch transfers which is apparently GST charged and have to re-plan their locations since the advantage of state wise differential taxes will be eliminated and the country would become a single market. 


What is GSTR1?

This return form would capture the following information:

  • Basic details like business name along with GSTIN, period for which the return is being filed etc.
  • Details of invoices issued in the previous month and the corresponding taxes paid.
  • Details of advances received against a supply which has to be made in future
  • Details of revision in relation to outward sales invoices pertaining to previous tax periods 

What is GSTR2?

GSTR2 return includes details of purchases by the tax payer. GSTR2 is prefilled for a tax payer based on the GSTR1 filed by his supplier. All you need to do is validate this prefilled information and make modifications if required. For example, if you are buying good from company B, then company would have filed its GSTR1 and included your name as the buyer. Now the same information will be reflected in GSTR2 as purchases which you need to validate. GSTR2 will include the following details:

  • The details of purchases auto-populated by the department
  • Invoices on which partial credit has been availed earlier has to be submitted in a separate table


What is GSTR3 return?

GSTR3 is a combination of 1 and 2. In case of GSTR2, GSTR3 is also filed for a tax payer based on GSTR1 and GSTR3. You have to validate this prefilled information and make modifications if required. GSTR3 return will include the following details:

  • Information about ITC ledger, cash ledger and liability ledger
  • Details of payment of tax under various tax heads of CGST, SGST, IGST
  • Taxpayer will have the option of claiming refund of excess payment


What is GST quarterly return (GSTR4)?

Small taxpayer has this option for the composition scheme. In such a case he would be required to pay taxes at fixed rate. Although no input tax credit facility would be available. A taxpayer opting for the composition scheme would be required to file simplified quarterly return that is GSTR4. He is required to provide only the following details:

  • The total value of supply made during the period of return
  • Details of payment of tax in the return
  • Declare invoice-level purchase information


What is GST annual return(GSTR8)?

All the normal taxpayers would be required to submit annual return under this return intended to provide complete visionary.

  • It will be a detailed return and will capture details of all the income and expenditure of the taxpayer and will regroup them in accordance with the monthly returns.
  • A major advantage of this return will be that it will provide the opportunity to correct for any short reporting of activities undertaken supply wise.

To manage the process of GST e-file the easiest way is to upgrade to a software that is GST ready so you can finally have your work done with ease.

Reach is one of the best GST ready solution designed to manage a business in the best way possible. It is cloud based and is accessible from any device and any location. Reach is one of the best software in the market available with its next generation technology.

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