How to scale your business faster using ERP software?

How to scale your business faster using cloud ERP software?

ERP is a Enterprise resource planning software. It  is a full package of modules that every business requires with capability to improve your business work flow. It combines sales team, billing, logistics, manufacturing, purchase etc and automates your business. It also generates extra functions as ERP is an intelligent software that knows what your business requires.

A cloud ERP is an online EERP software. It is easily accessible from any location and stores all your data in the cloud allowing you to have an easy backup and restore in case of mishaps. All your employees can access it at one time and work together.


When does your business require cloud ERP?

Your business might not be manageable only with the help of an accounting software hence you will require an ERP software to manage all your departments. It allows you to manage all your branches are departments like inventory, factory, etc, so you do not require to visit them all the time. Cloud ERP, provides easy backup and bank level security for your data also it comes with free antivirus and free maintenance.


Reach ERP software

  • Reach ERP is a cloud based GST ready software. It is mainly used by SMBs.
  • It has been 10 years since Reach was built and it has over 1000 clients. 100+ employees and is used in3 countries.
  • Reach is user friendly and is a smart software
  • It customizes with your business and provides several features that other software lacks in


Why should you upgrade from accounting software to ERP?


Updation of Stock, Cash and other data every second End of day Every second
Protection from Hard disk crashes and Virus attacks and unauthorised employee access NO YES
Access Reports and Information on your mobile phone NO YES
Ability to manage your Sales Team, Logistics, Billing, Purchase, Manufacturing with aligned workflow NO YES
Multiple employees accessing and working in the software at the same time HIGH LOW

Why should you upgrade to a cloud ERP software?

Cost of Purchase/ Repair/ Maintainance and Replacement of Server HIGH FREE
Salary/ Retainership Cost of an IT admin to manage downtime HIGH FREE
Cost of Firewall, Virus Protection and other Security Protection HIGH FREE
Risk and Cost of Backups, External Storage HIGH FREE
Uptime and Uninterrupted Access NOT SURE 99.9%

Why must you consider upgrading even if you have a software?

Licence cost for the software, Servers, Set-ups etc ALREADY SPENT XXX
Cost of additional software for CRM, Manufacturing, Branches etc XXX ZERO
Repair, maintainance and replacement of Server XXX ZERO
AMC Cost Vs. Renewal Cost XXX LOW
Version Upgrades XXX ZERO

Why it is not a good idea to get your own software from a local vendor?

Reach ERP Vs. Build Your Own Software

Build Reach ERP
Price High Low
Your Time spent on getting it ready High Low
Gurantee that it will work Not Sure Ready to Use
Possibility of the Vendor quitting half way High No Way
After Sales Support Not Sure Good


Price High 20 times cheaper
Ease of Use to your Staff Difficult Very Easy
Customising for your business Very Expensive Very Low
Renewals and Support Cost High Low
Market Focus Large Enterprise SMB


Safety matters

  • All your emails and bank transactions are already in the cloud therefore there is no harm in allowing your data to be saved in the cloud
  • As Reach provides bank level security with 256 bit encryption you have nothing to worry about
  • There is an OTP provided for every log in from outside the office

For 15 days free trial of Reach ERP click on>> Demo

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