Which is the best Online GST software for consulting business in India?

Which is the best Online GST software for consulting business in India?

For a consulting business the best possible online GST software is Reach ERP software.

Reach is one of the best software provided by the industry. Your business is in for a real treat with its features and smart management. It easily customizes and is made user friendly so you can utilize it to the maximum. It improves your business and knows exactly what you require by automating your business, improving your work flow, tracking every activity and much more.

ERP is a single software that has all the modules for all the departments and business process to manage the workflow between sales team, billing, logistics, manufacturing, purchase etc and automates the business to be able to manage it from all the angles.

Cloud ERP

It is always better to choose an online ERP. This means your ERP is a cloud based software. Cloud ERP can be accessed from anywhere and this way all your employees will be able to work on it at the same time. Cloud ERP updates your reports in real time and is easier to setup and install. It cost you less while it provides much more friendly and useful features than the traditional ERP software.

When do you need cloud ERP?

  • When your business requires more than just an accounting software.
  • When you have more than just an office to manage. For example your warehouse, factory, branches, etc.
  • When you want a guaranteed security for your data and save it from virus attacks, system crashes and unauthorized access.


How is it used?

In case of Consultancy business Reach solves  all your problems providing a next generation solution for your business. It automates your business and takes care of all the workflow and business processes.

Reach customizes with your business and helps in managing your business in a smarter way. It is accessible from anywhere including your cellular device.


Startup 1 user: Rs. 6,000

Bronze upto 3 users: Rs. 12,000

Silver unlimited users: Rs. 18,000



Safety of  your data:

  • Menu for access restriction is provided
  • Reach shoots an OTP every time your employee logs in from outside the office
  • Can email your data automatically on daily basis
  • Provides bank level security to your data with 256 encryption
  • Data backups itself every 3 hours


Advantages that you can enjoy

  • Free server
  • No risk of system crashes
  • Free and easy backup regularly
  • Free anti virus
  • Free server maintenance
  • Faster response
  • 9% uptime
  • No unauthorized access



  • 1000 users
  • 27 different verticals
  • Over 3 countries

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