What to look for in an accounting software packages?

What to look for in an accounting software packages?Finding the right software always requires a proper researching as the software vendors claim to provide all the package that a business needs but before finalizing on a software you will have to find the software that will actually have all the accounting software packages that your business is looking for.ng

What are the signs of the right accounting software packages?

  1. Modules

Make sure that it has several modules included, you cannot just have a software that just does accounting and then you are left with a software that will act like an excel sheet with a calculator. If a software has several important modules like billing, bank synchronization, invoicing, inventory management, etc.


  1. Access and portability

If your software can help in easy access it is one of the most needs of a software. This advantage helps in managing business easily, you can access your business from anywhere. You can work on it even when you are away on a vacation and in case of multi branch and business as well you do not require to visit often and have extra expenses.


  1. Knowledge

Does your software know what your business requires? An accounting software that can help you take better decisions and knows exactly how to run your business is a smart software and the right software. It must not be an extremely difficult to use software as that will only increase you and your employees work.


  1. Cost

Doesn”™t mean a software that is expensive will be the right software for you. If you have a small business with a tight budget you will require to find the right software within your budget and there are several software that does not match up to their cost. There are software that are cost effective and are also a software with right package, hence be smart and find the software that provides everything in an affordable price.


  1. Integrates with other tools

Every business is unique and uses their own kind of software and your accounting software must be able to integrate with all these tools so you can enjoy a smooth flow of work in your business process.


  1. Connects with your bank

The accounting transaction and other payments process becomes easier if your software can connect with your bank. Bank synchronization makes everything easier for you so you can get easy payments and track your transactions and bills.


  1. Protects your data

A software that cannot protect your data will put you in a danger. This is highly important to come with the package. Find the software that gives a high level protection to your business data so you can stay safe from all frauds and other business threats.


  1. Customer support

Does your business software provide support? Always choose a software that does not leave you on your own when it comes to your needs after their work of selling is done. The right software will have customer support for every issue that their client comes across.


Reach accounting software

Reach accounting software is one of the most reliable software that the industry provides with the right accounting software packages that you need for your business. Reach is a complete accounting software that provides you all the required packages that any business needs.

It is a powerful software but simple to use and has all the required modules for a business.


  • Order management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Warehouse
  • Point sale
  • Lots and barcode management
  • Project
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Multi branch
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Access
  • Multi company
  • Auditor view
  • Mobile application
  • Business automation
  • Operations and process
  • Loyalty management
  • Addons
  • Tally import

Reach accounting software packages:

  1. Customization

Customize your software easily with your business. Reach can be customized so you can enjoy using it for your business process without anything hampering your workflow. This also makes it easier for you to understand it and work with it.

  1. User friendly

Reach is extremely user friendly as it can also be customized with ease. Your employees will be able to use it as soon as possible reducing your implementation period. This way your employees will also enjoy working the software instead of having to go under a long period of training to learn using it.


  1. Accessibility

Reach is cloud based hence it is easily accessible from any location and also it is mobile friendly so it can be accessed from any device. You can also enjoy your vacation in peace as all your updates will be provided in real time and manage your multi companies and branches with ease without having to spend much in travelling expenses.


  1. Safety

This should be the priority of every software and must come with every accounting software package. Reach provides bank levels security so have nothing to worry about storing your data in Reach, it is 256 bit encryption security so you can have it all protected to the maximum. Reach also comes with accessibility restriction menu so you can restrict access in certain areas within the software from your employees for more privacy which saves you from fraud and unauthorized access to your delicate data. Enjoy free anti-virus and keep your system from crashing and Reach backs up your data easily every 3 hours so you never comes across any data loss.


  1. Integrates easily

When you have too many software in a business it seems to hinder your workflow but with Reach there is no such issue as it integrates with other software with ease. This way you can harmonize all the software and work in peace.


  1. Support

Enjoy maximum support from Reach even after you have purchased it as Reach understands the value of its clients so you can come to Reach with any issue and the support will always have it managed. Having a support from any software is necessary as you may come across any technical issues of bugs etc, any time.


  1. Cost effective

Reach is so much more budget friendlier than many other software out there that does not provide as much package as Reach does hence you can save much more if you choose Reach. Reach provides maximum benefit in a reasonable price although the price differs from number of users that you require it for.

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