What is the full form of ERP and what is it?

What is the full form of ERP and what is it?

ERP software full form is Enterprise resource planning. ERP is a software that is a business management software. It can be used by any business organization. It automates your business and increases the amount of work flow. It is one of the best management software that you. It can be used for both mini, large and medium business. Depending on what your business is looking for there are several ERPs that will help you run your business and manage all the functions. Every ERP is designed to run all the functions of a business, they might have their own way of functioning and own set of rules but they will all help in managing all the business function process. It contains all the technology related to technology and services and human resources. ERP software integrates with all the software modules including the product planning, development and manufacturing, sales and marketing in a single database, application and user interface. ERP builds your business”™ image with its performance for you.

ERP as an enterprise application.

ERP is a type of enterprise application which is designed to be used by larger business and often requires customization. It analyzes the data and helps in upgrades and deployment. It is a business software that can be used as a complete solution as mentioned it integrates with all the other modules that comes as a separate software. It is a software that can also help your business improve and take better decisions for better business in the future.

ERP Enterprise resource planning Trends

ERP market has been growing with the demand of the business requirements. The trends that you get to see in ERP are:

  1. Mobile ERP

The mobile ERP is like any other application that helps you manage your business. Your employees and you can stay on the same page with ease and work together no matter where you are the reports and dashboards.


  1. Cloud ERP

This is an online ERP or cloud based ERP that allows you to save all the work and data in the cloud. It has several advantages that an offline ERP lacks and the business owners are gradually realizing its need to manage the business better.


  1. Social ERP

This is an ERP that comes with the social media package. The social media is the most trending platform where you can interact with millions of people and promote your business and ERP vendors have taken interest in helping business owners expand their business with the help of social media packages.




Reach ERP software

Reach ERP is a software that you can use for any type of business. It is entirely cloud based and is capable of managing your business in the smartest level possible. It is also GST ready and is a one stop solution for a business management requirement.

Reach ERP easily customizes with any business and is user friendly. It automates your business and makes it easy for you to run your business with more workflow and less expenses. This software is mainly built with several modules in it that makes it extremely utilizable.


  • Dashboard
  • API
  • Inventory management
  • Multi branch
  • Multi company
  • Project management
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Bank synchronization
  • Multi lingual
  • Mobile app
  • Bulk sms and email
  • Addons , etc

Why is Reach ERP one of the best ERP software?

  1. Customization

A software that cannot customize with a business is not the kind of software that will be helpful for your business as it will make your work more difficult than ever. Reach customizes with you easily and helps in managing it with ease. You can make it work according to your business function and it will help in improving your workflow and make working with is as simple as possible. Isn”™t it good to have a partner who understands you? Well Reach is the kind of partner who agrees to work with you and your existing software in harmony.


  1. Flexibility

Once your business expands Reach expands along with it as it allows unlimited number of users. Reach unlike other software expands with your business and helps in managing your business even when the size of your business begins to expand. Flexibility also helps it to run multi lingual, multi branch and multi companies hence you can use it for any kind of business without worrying about its scale and limitations.


  1. Cloudbased

The cloud based software include many facilities and benefits that you can enjoy which lacks in the offline software. It stores your data in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere. As it is an online software you can store as much as you want and have your data restore back. Cloud based software are of more use as it will provide you with more security and backup benefits.


  1. Accessibility

Being able to access your business from anywhere is the best as you can have your data and information with you anytime. Reach provides real time updates and helps you access your business wherever you are. This makes it simple for you to run your business even when you are not at work. It lets you run branches easily as you do not require to visit them often. You can also enjoy the benefit of making better decisions as you and your employee will be looking at the same screen at the same time so you know how to guide them further while you are away from office.


  1. Security

Enjoy bank level security with Reach which comes with 256 bit encryption. You can also restrict areas within the software so you enjoy more privacy and unauthorized access never occurs. Your business data is backed up every 3 hours so you have no worries in case of mishaps. Reach also provides free anti-virus saving you the cost to get one and saving you from system crash.


  1. An ERP and not a package

Reach is an actual ERP software and not a package as it can easily integrate with existing software and synch everything to make it one giant functioning software although it already comes with all the required modules for business management.


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