Quality Control Software for Manufacturers


 Quality Control Software to Control your Quality. Improve Customer Experience




  • Batch Processing
    • Assaign your incoming raw materials and finished goods to batches. These batches can be called up during billing and will be used to track back in case of later found discrepencies. Every batch can also be used to track the supplier of rawmaterial to that batch and also the employees who worked in that batch
  • Raw Material QC
    • Everytime a Rawmaterial is recieved, the QC can be invoked to examine the quality. The QC can approve, reject or suggest changes to the materials which come in.
  • FG QC
    • Every time a FG is ready, the QC can be invoked to examine the quality. The QC can approve or reject the materials
  • Approve, Correct and Reject
    • The QC will be allowed to approve, correct or reject the goods as he deems fit.


Who can use Quality Control Software 



  • Bronze ( one user, Rs. 10000/- pm )
  • Silver ( 3 users, Rs. 15000/- pm)
  • Gold ( unlimited users Rs. 20000/- pm)

Next Steps

1. Take a demo of all the above software

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2. Evaluate what suits you best
3. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
4. Buy the software


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