Workflow Management Software, Simple and Online

Workflow management software to manage your workflows, processes and  your employees. Increase your productivity.




  • Sales Process
    • You can choose the sales flow between
      • Order>> Delivery>> Billing
      • Order>> Billing>> Delivery
    • Once the sale guy books the order ( he can create orders from anywhere, anytime) the logistics person automatically recieves an intimation of the orders to be shipped. similarly, once the orders are shipped, it automatically creates an indent for billing
  • Purchase Process
    • Any sales order for which stock is not available creates a purchase indent automatically. and every time a purchase order is made, the warehouse manager recieves a pending indent for incoming shipment.
  • Service Process
    • The software allows you to capture complaints and automatically convert them into job cards. Every job card can also be assaigned to a service engineer. The service engineer will be able to update the status from him mobile phones.
  • Manufacturing Process
    • The production plan can be made automatically pulling out the sales orders for which stock is not available.


Who can use workflow management software 



  • Bronze ( one user, Rs. 1000/- pm )
  • Silver ( 3 users, Rs. 2000/- pm)
  • Gold ( unlimited users Rs. 3000/- pm)

Next Steps

1. Take a demo of all the above software

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2. Evaluate what suits you best
3. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
4. Buy the software


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